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I created this page back in the 90's and based it on inquiries I'd received and the answers I'd given. There's now tons more information at my Nude Beach Forum. Still it's fun to look at some the old inquiries and my answers. The sad thing is that we're losing nude beaches not getting more.

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Capitola Nude Beach

I found a good nude beach no websites even mention in Capitola, its called Privates, it has killer surf on bigger swells , its on east cliff dr. half mile north of downtown Capitola. there’s a small parking lot outside of a fenced gate, it looks like your supposed to have a key but its never locked.

From: Sandy
Nude Beaches near Santa Cruz

On the Beach replies: This beach is no longer for nude use.Pay a visit to Red, White, and Blue Beach. There is an entrance fee but it's a great beach. The World guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts gives these directions:(from the World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts)

Seven miles north of Santa Cruz along Hwy 1. Look for a large red, white, and blue mailbox with the number 5021 on the west side of the road. Turn onto Scaroni Road.

Re: Avila nude beach?

How do I get to Avila nude beach ( Pirate Cove)?

On the Beach replies: As of 2013 the County of San Luis Obispo is going to develop Privates as a county park and, get this,it will still be clothing optional.

This description is taken from "Califonia's Nude Beaches" by Dave Patrick:

"Go south from San Luis Obispo on Hwy 101 for six miles and take the Avila Road exit. Then head west on Avila Road for two miles unitl you see an uphill grade (Cave Landing Road) on the left marked "Not a Through Road - No Overnight Parking." Follow it and in 6/10 mile you'll find a large parking area on the right. Several sets of crude steps have been cut into the soft clay paths leading southward to Pirate's Cove, but this improvement is not particularly permanent or continuous. Therefore, footwear suitable for descending the rather steep (and sometimes slippery) cliffs is an excellant idea."

Dave's book is an excellent guide to nude beaches not only in California but Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.

If you make it to the beach would you please give us a report?

Re: Nude Beaches near Santa Barbara

I am a resident of Santa Barbara and am looking for the nearest and best nude beaches. I also would like to be well informed as to any regulations at these locations. Any information will be much appreciated. >

On the Beach replies:To answer your question we referenced " California's Nude Beaches" by Dave Patrick. Keep in mind that nudity on the beach in Santa Barbara county is illegal. However, enforcement varies from time and place. It's always wise to check with locals before running naked on the beach. Having said that here are some places recommended in "California's Nude Beaches."

More Mesa - between Goleta and Hope Ranch, take the Turnpike Road exit south to Hollister. Go left on Hollister to Puente and turn right. Continue on Puente until it becomes Vieja Drive at the intersection of Via Huerto, a turnoff to the left.You'll want to park on Vieja Drive just before Mockingbird Lane. Walk down Mockingbird to a dirt horse path that leads to the water, about 3/4 mile. Please note that's it's illegal to park on Mockingbird.

Rincon Beach - in Carpenteria - take Bates Road exit and follow signs to the beach.

For more details get a copy of California's Nude Beaches by Dave Patrick. He also covers Hawaii, Oregon , Washington and Nude Resorts and Hot Springs.

Re: Nude near San Clemente

I will be visiting the San Clemente area in mid September which will be my first trip to California. I have often wished to experience a nude beach but have always lived in the conservative south. I see this as an opportunity to fulfill a deep desire to express this side of my personality in safe discrete manner. Please advise me of any nude beaches located in or around San Clemente if their are any and any information that I should know about such beaches. I am not gay and would not feel comfortable in that setting. I would truly prefer a secluded area where I would not be hastled. Occasional traffic would be ok but would rather just be alone at first. Please email back to let me know if there is such a place. Thanks for your time.

On the Beach replies:This beach is now closed to nude use. We have just the place. It's San Onofre State Beach just a few miles south of San Clemente. Subject:Re: Nude at San Onofre(Note now closed to nude recreation. Updates at Friends of San Onofre)

Thanks for the suggestion. I went to the beach that you recommended. I was not sure where the co part was but I went right to the spot. I walked down trail 6 and went south along the water. I soon noticed a few nude sunbathers and knew I was in the right place. I felt a bit awkward at first because I had my suit on but as soon as I found a spot I took off my shirt and then my trunks. It was wonderful. I can't explain the feeling of freedom but I am sure you know it well yourself. It was mid-day when I got there so I didn't stay too long. I was afraid of burning previously untanned areas. I had forgotten my sunscreen. There was a volleyball game going on while I was there. I watched but couldn't bring my self to play which is a pity. I love volleyball and at 6'5" am pretty good. I think I just wasn't ready for that close of contact. After about 45 minutes I stood and put my shirt on and my trunks back on and headed back to my hotel. I considered going back later! in the evening but it was such a long walk and i knew that by the time I got there everyone would probably have left. This was my first trip to California but I certainly don't want it to be my last. Thanks again for the info and the suggestion. I hope to bring my fiancee there sometime. She may not be as open to public nudity as I am but maybe she will keep an open mind and we can enjoy it together.

Also, check out Black's Beach near La Jolla.

Subject:Black's Beach Trip Report

Black's Beach

From: Pat
Re: Nude resorts/hotels/B&B's.
Hi All, Thanks for being there!!

My husband and I are legitimate nudists and have been for 20 years or so. We recently discovered your website and love it. One question, is there a quick way of looking for nude resorts, etc., in California without reading every locations resume looking for the word "nude" or "clothing optional"? Thank you in advance of any assistance you give us.

On the Beach replies: We haven't found a resource on the Web but use two excellent books: California's Nude Beaches by Dave Patrick includes CO resorts and also Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.

World Guide To Nude Beaches and Resorts by Lee Baxandall, is also very good. If you have a specific area in mind in California we'd be pleased to look up information for you.
Let me know if you want me to look up any resorts for you in specific areas.

Subject: Re: Lake Tahoe.
Anybody know of any nude beaches in the Lake Tahoe

On the Beach replies:California's Nude Beaches by Dave Patrick suggests these beaches for skinny dipping in Lake Tahoe:
Chimney Beach, Black Sand Beach, Secret Beach, Secret Creek Beach, and Whale Beach.

These beaches are all linked together in the Toiyabe National Forest. "From the North Shore Casinos, go east and then south on Hwy 28. After passing the turnoff for Sand Harbor, continue uphill until you reach a paved parking area with restrooms on the lake side of the highway. Next to the restrooms is the start of a north-south Forest Service fire road. Less that 100 feet farther, a sign reading 'National Forest Beaches', marks a steep downhill path. It's a ten minute hike to the bottom where a trail marker points the route to Chimney." - California's Nude Beaches.

The other beaches can be reached by hiking south from Chimney.

Subject:Re: nude beaches Northern California.
I live in northern California...are there any nude beaches here...

On the Beach replies:Northern California covers a lot of ground. The following is excerpted from California's Nude Beaches by Dave Patrick:

Marin County - Red Rock Beach - 1/2 mile south of Stinson Beach
Mendocino - Gualala River - across the Mendocino County line and the Gualala River Bridge, a mile south of the town of Gualala.
Humboldt - Baker's Beach - 12 miles north of Arcata on Hwy 101. Exit Westhaven to Scenic Drive, north. Look for a metal sign saying "Private Property' Cars park here and people walk down to the beach. The property is owned by the Bakers who welcome naturists.

Directions to Black's Beach

Directions from La Jolla, California to blacks beach

On the Beach replies:Excerpted from California's Nude Beaches by Dave Patrick -

"Exit I-5 at La Jolla Village Drive. Go west about 1/2 mile to Torrey Pines Road. Make a right and look for the entrance to the Salk Institute on your left, just past the college. Take Torrey Pines Scenic Drive which will take you to the clifftop dirt parking area next to the gliderport."

Subject:Re: Black's Beach

is blacks beach California a gay beach?

On the Beach replies:Black's Beach is for people who like to be nude on the beach. Regardless of your sexual orientation, if you like clothing optional beaches, you'll like Black's. Subject:Nude beaches in L.A. County

Do you know if it safe to sunbathe nude again at Smugglers Cove in Palos Verdes. I remember about a year ago or so they Sheriffs department had a big crackdown on nudity there. And is El Matador now officially a nude beach in Malibu?

On the Beach replies: Sorry there are no nude beaches in L.A. County
Subject:nude beaches in the Bay area
I just moveed to San Jose Ca. I was wondering if there are any nude beaches close by

On the Beach replies:Here's just two but there are more:

North Baker Beach and Golden Gate Bridge Beach both near the bridge. For more specific info go to :

From: Mr. Ship
Subject: Re: CO/Fort Bragg/ Ca

Where is a good place to get naked in Fort Bragg/ Ca. ?

On the Beach replies:Dave Patrick in "California's Nude Beaches" suggest Gualala River at the mouth. He says that you can drive to the mouth of the river via rugged dirt access roads on the west side of Hwy 1.
He also suggest Lilies Beach near Mendocino Woodlands. His directions are: "As you approach the town of Mendocino, turn right on Little Lake Road and drive 4.2 miles east past a marker which reads Mendocino Woodlands. A few hundred yards later, just before a "Weight Limit 9 tons" sign, turn right on an unmarked road, which is paved for a short distance and then turns into a dusty winding road. Continue for 2.4 miles until the road forks and then turn right. You'll see other cars parked under the trees. The main beach is a ten-minute hike along a trail that parallels the stream.


Subject:Re: Miami/Lauderdale nude advice

My girlfriend and I will be visiting S. Florida in mid April. Anyone have advice/directions to nude beaches +/or clubs/resorts?

On the Beach replies:You can get a complete guide to nude beaches and up to date information from:
South Florida Free Beaches

Lee Baxendall in his book World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts suggests: Haulover Beach - on State Road A1A between Bal Harbour and Sunny Isles
Lummus Park - Miami Beach
Seminole Club - west of Miami (305) 473-0231

Please give us a report when you get back.

Subject:Re: nude beaches in the Jacksonville Florida areawe are looking for one can you help

On the Beach replies:We can't find any info on nude beaches close to Jacksonville. However, at the Cumberland Island National Seashore you can find secluded beaches for nude sunbathing. The area is just to the north of Jacksonville off the SE coast of Georgia.

Subject:Re: Nude beaches in Florida

I am writting to find out if / which of the Islands south of Florida have nude beaches / resorts.

I am planning a trip for this summer and would love this info to assist in my deciding destination. Please assist.

On the Beach replies: Please be more specific when you say "islands south of Florida." Nudity on beaches in Florida is generally illegal with a few exceptions. The customs vary from island to island in the Caribbean.

Tell us what islands or group of islands you have in mind and we'll help you out.

Subject:Re: Re: Florida Beaches

Thanks for responding . I am specifically interested in the Palm Beach area. Looking forward to your reply.

On the Beach replies: There's a group called the Palm Beach Naturists. Write them at P.O. 432, West Palm Beach, Fl. 33402. Send them a stamped self-addressed envelope along with your question about CO or nudist beaches. There are also several naturist resorts in the area: Sunsport Gardens (407) 793-0423 and Sunnier Palms (407) 468-8512.

Subject:Key West, Florida

There's several nude opportunities in Key West. First, here's a report from one of our readers. Then his report is followed by a couple of other tips. Thanks to all of you who provide us with current information.From: A Fan of On the Beach

Hello, Great Site! Very informative! A web site visitor asked about nude beaches in Key West, Florida. I recently moved from there, so I know a little about the area. There is a Resort called Atlantic Shores. It is on the Atlantic side of the island at the end of both Simonton& Duval St. (the resort is actually between those two streets). You don't have to be a guest of the resort to go there. As a matter of fact they welcome tourists and locals. It is a very popular spot. It is not unusual for all their chairs to be rented out by 1:00 p.m. (nominal charge for a chair rental $2.00). They have a full bar and pretty good food. They actually don't have a beach in the true since of the word. They have a pier that goes out into the Atlantic with steps into the white sanded bottom, clear, shallow water. Next door to the resort is the Marriot Reach Resort. They have a topless beach, although full nudity is not permitted there. fficially you have to be a guest there to use the beach. I've found that if you go to the bar and order some food or a drink, more times than not they will not ask anyone to leave.

At the Atlantic Shores Resort, most of their clientel is gay. For that matter, a good part of Key West is gay. The resort definitely has a mixed crowd of gay and straight people. I am a straight man, and never have felt uncomfortable there, nor has my wife.

More Key West Tips:

Take a water taxi to Tank Island and head to the southwest shore. Or, check in at Old Town at 1111 Watson St. For more information write them at 1111 Watson St, Key West, Fl. 33040.

Subject:Nude Beaches near Tampa

We are looking for nude beaches on the gulf side of Florida, north of Tampa. Any ideas?

On the Beach replies: Out in Tampa Bay there's an island called Beer Can Island. Many people run naked on the beach there. But enforcement policies change. So, check with locals before dropping your suit. There's also a club called Club Paradise. It's 17 miles north of the Tampa Bay airport. Their phone number is (813) 949-9327, P.O. 750 , Land O'Lakes, Fl. 34639



Naturism In Hawaii - Fall 2000
by Philip Maise

I just returned from the Hawaii's Island of Kauai, and Island of Maui, and the Big Island. I have both good and bad news to report. For more details about the locations of these places check out search engines using the name of the beach and island along with the word naturist.

Island of Kauai: In my opinion Secret Beach was the most beautiful naturist beach in Hawaii. However, wealthy homeowners overlooking the beach are paying to crack down on any nudism. Donkey Beach was the best alternative. However, the land above this beach is being developed for high priced homes. The beach will remain public; however, it will probably not remain a naturist beach for much longer. While I was standing on the beach a park official zoomed by on a 4 wheeler. He didn't say anything about my naturism, however, it did make me feel uncomfortable. This doesn't mean that naturism is dead on Kauai. You can always try Long Beach. This 14 mile beach is Hawaii's largest. Therefore, you will most likely be alone and no one will question naturism. Another place you can go is along the Kala Pana Trail. Once you are past the most frequented part of the trail, you will see very few hikers and they won't bother you. I personally went for a 7 mile run on part of this trail without seeing a soul.

Island of Maui: Little Beach is the most popular naturist beach in Hawaii. It is a must stop if you go to Maui. On the road to Hana I found two waterfalls that were picture perfect naturist spots and tourist free. In Hana the Black Sand Beach is still a good location.

Big Island of Hawaii: Locals confirm the naturist beach on the Kona side is history. On the South side, the hard to get to Green Sand Beach is worth the trek if you are very fit. On the West, Kehena Black Sand Beach (Dolphin Beach) is still going B. See Picture. The Steam Vents (Mile Marker 15 HWY 130), which features clothing optional steam baths in natural caves, is still private property and as long as the owners continue to allow people to use it is a safe place for naturism. Don't worry about the large house next door. It is a clothing optional guesthouse called Steamvent Guesthouse.

Little Beach, Maui HI Nude Beach. Nicely isolated, right next to Big Beach, which is one of the larger public beaches on the island. Park in the first lot for Big Beach, proceed to the public beach and go to the right end of Big Beach. There is a rather steep lava rock pathway that takes some negotiating. Wear some decent climbing sneakers.

Little beach is on the other side of the lava rock formation. It is about 200 to 250 yards wide and sandy. The seclusion is caused by the semi-difficult walk. The surf is very nice for boogie boards and swimming. The water is clear and warm.

The beach is frequented by year-around residents, with sprinkling of tourists. They take very good care of the beach, and take their rubbish with them; so the beach is very clean.

The population is about 60 to 75%% gay men; the rest couples and single visitors. A few families will visit with their little children; there are very few adolescents. Those that do come are there for the surfing and seldom go without suits. From:Matt
Re: Nude beaches/Kaua'i

What do you know about nude beaches on the island of Kuaii, Hawaii?

On the Beach replies:In general nudity in Hawaii is illegal. However, there are beaches where the custom is CO and you're not hassled. On Kaua'i go to Donkey Beach. It's about 11 1/2 miles north of Kapa'a. The surf can be big and dangerous here and there's practically no shade. We've been there and enjoyed it. Travel north out of Kapa'a. Watch the road mileage markers on the right side. When you see the 11 mile marker you'll probably start seeing cars parked along side the road. The trail to Donkey beach is about 1/2 mile past the marker. It's not marked but easy to spot. It'll take you about 10 minutes to get to the beach.

Several words of caution. Cars are often broken into here. Don't leave any valuables in your car. The ocean at Donkey Beach can be very treacherous. When we were there the waves were so huge and pounding that we didn't even think about going out into the water. There's also very little shade. Come prepared with lots of sunscreen and a hat.

Of course you can also find remote and deserted beaches where you can feel comfortable running naked on the sand. Larsen's beach is one of them. The turnoff a little over 20 miles north of Kapa'a.

At Larsen's Beach, walk to your left for a 1/4 to 1/2 mile and you'll find that you'll have the beach to yourself.

To get complete directions get a copy of " The Ultimate Kaua'i Guidebook." This is without doubt the finest guidebook we've even read on any area. We used all the time during our 4 weeks on Kaua'i in 1997. Subject:Re: Nude Beaches on Oahu, Hawaii

This is my first time at this site. I am hoping you will be able to provide me with some information. I am a nudist and will be traveling to the island of Oahu in Hawaii this summer. I have read a bit about the general lack of clothing-optional beaches and other sites on that island. What can you tell me that is current about the practice and acceptability of nudity at sites on Oahu? I have read about Goat Island on the windward side near Laie, and will certainly check out that site. Is that still a good place to try? Any other places. I will greatly appreciate any information you might send my way.

On the Beach replies: Here's some places that we've heard of. Nudity on the beaches is generally frowned upon in Hawaii. We spent 5 weeks on Kaua'i last year. We found one nude beach that was recognized as such. But we found plenty of deserted beaches where we could run naked without concern.

On Oahu check out:Kahuku Beach - 2 miles north from Laie on route 83 and Goat Island

One our readers has this to say about Goat Island:
(Mokuleieia Island in Malaekahana State Park, near Laie). My wife and I have been going there for years...would you like an update on the situation for your readers? If so, I'd be happy to chime in with what we've experienced...which has been fantastic (excellent swimming and private most of the time).

Also, write to Hawaii Skinny - Dippers , P.O. 27011, Honolulu, Hi 96827. Be sure to send them a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Another beach mentioned is Kaneane Beach - on the leeward shore off Hwy 93.


Subject:Re: Where to go in Mexico

I will be going to Acapulco May 15th, and wanted to know if there were any nude beaches. Thanks

On the Beach replies: Mexico in general frowns on nudity on the beaches. There are a few exceptions. In Acapulco, the Hacienda Inn, 25 km north of Acapulco has a clothing optional beach. However, before dropping your bathing suit on the sand check with local people to see what the current local customs are.

Subject: Ixtapa

Thanks, beachwizard. We just returned from a great week in Ixtapa and Zihuantanejo. And, you were absolutely right. We asked several locals and hotel employees about nude beaches, and all they did was laugh at us and mention the Policia. Since we didn't want to spend our vacation in a Mexican jail, we opted for all the fun we could handle with our clothes on.

Subject:Re: Puerto Vallarta Nude Beaches

Well, , you were right about the beaches in Mexico. Must be the B Catholic influence--the best you can hope to find is a deserted stretch of beach (which we did!). However, my wife and I had a great time and recommend the area highly!

We took a taxi about 20 miles North of Puerto Vallarta to the little village of San Pablo, also known as San Francisco (believe it or not). There is more than a half mile stretch of beautiful, quiet beach. The taxi cost me $25, but the cool thing is that the driver was perfectly happy to wait there for two hours to take us back. I'm sure there are other remote beaches in the area, but several of the taxi drivers seemed to be familiar with San Pablo. Talk to ya later!--John.

Subject:Re: topless beaches in Mexico

My wife and I are planning a trip to Mexico, to Cancun, Cozumel or Tulum. Where can we find which hotels at these locations offer topless beaches? We have been to resorts that claimed to have a topless beach, and when we got there, no one knew about it.

On the Beach replies:Have you read our article on running naked on the Yucatan?

To our knowledge there are no hotels with CO beaches. Though there are beaches where it may be acceptable to be nude.

Lee Baxandall in his book World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts points out these beaches:

Isla Mujeres - 6 miles off the coast from Cancun - Playa Cocos
Playa Del Carmen - south of Cancun, top free north of the pier for 1/2 mile and then maybe CO after that.
Cozumel - El Mirador Beach
Tulum - El Mirador Campground, beach in front and El Paraiso Beach

Just keep in mind that running naked on the beach is not legal in Mexico. Whether or not it is tolerated depends on local customs which change from time to time.

Subject: Re: Nude Beaches Tulum Mexico.
Any info on nude beaches in Tulum in the Yucatan? If not, I will e-mail u after my visit.

On the Beach replies:Check out our article on running naked on the beach in the Yucatan. And please give us a report when you get back.

Re: Cancun Beaches.
Let me start by saying I really like your website. It's real informative for us nudists.

Now my question: My wife and I are going to Cancun next week (Mar 24th). I would like to know if there are any nude beaches in the area.
We are staying at the Moon Palace on the South side of Cancun. Also, I guess top- lessness is the norm around there? Any help you give will be appreciated. Thanks

On the Beach replies:Here's a report from a friend of ours who owns a house on the Yucatan.

"In regard to nude beaching in the Yucatan. It is not really accepted in the heavily populated resort areas. You will see topless now and then and Playa del Carmen, quite a bit. In the less populated spots, more of it. Ten years ago, the federals were patrolling the beach, but now, they want the tourists and leave people alone. The Atlantic side of Cozumel has beaches that are unpopulated because there is a dangerous undertow, but the beaches are empty for nude sunbathing. My wife and I spent a lot of time there one year. It is especially excellent when "El norte" is blowing and the western side beaches are full of crashing waves.

I do hear down by Tulum quite a bit goes on in isolated spots, but the main beach by the ruins is much too crowded with busloads of tourists. The best place I have found in the Yucatan is north of Celestun on the 25 plus miles of continuous, beautiful beach. South of Celestun there are 5-10 more miles, but I haven't really spent any time there. In the summer, on the northern shore by Rio Lagartos, the other Flamingo preserve, there is a lot of empty beach also."

Hope this helps. The best thing to do when in Mexico is check with the locals as to the customs on nudity. Law enforcement policies change from time to time.


Subject:Re: any nude beaches or resorts in Texas.
Are there any nude beaches or resorts in Texas?

On the Beach replies:Here's a couple of suggestions.
Padre Island National Seashore: North Beach and South Padre Island.

Subject:Re: nude in Galveston

Are there any nude beaches around Galveston Texas ?

On the Beach replies:The World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts lists a nude beach on the Bolivar Peninsula. It juts out from the mainland toward Galveston Island. For more information contact the Bolivar Beach Society, P.O. 667002, Houston, Tx. 77266-7002

Thanks, On the Beach. I went there and had a good time. Will return.

Costa Rica

From: "Novus" Subject: Re: nude in Costa Rica

On the Beach replies:There are no official nude beaches in Costa Rica. Though, you may find some deserted beaches where you could be nude. Surprisingly, really deserted beaches are not easy to find. We thought we'd found some deserted beaches only to have a bunch of Costa Rican guys come walking through. Finally, in Golfito we rented a small boat and went to a beach you could only get to by boat.

Be sure to take heavy duty sunscreen.

Have you read our story about our month in Costa Rica?


From: asianet.
Re: nude in Thailand

Recommend a nude beach in asia particularly Thailand

On the Beach replies:Our reference book is World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts by Lee Baxendall. For Thailand, Lee suggests Islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Specifically he mentions Phangan Island and it's Lighthouse Beach.

If you go there would you write a report for us?


Re: Nude or clothing-optional beaches near Milwaukee

Could you tell me the location of the nude beach or clothing-optional beach nearest Wisconsin?

On the Beach replies:For up to date information contact:

Badger naturists
P.O. 55346
Madison, Wi. 53705



Our guidebook, World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts, lists several topfree beaches: Topfree: southwestern coast north of Oranjestad, a 4 mile palm beach of low rise hotels is topfree friendly; on the beach behind the Tierra del Sol; Dos Playa on the northeast coast


From one of our readers:

The pink beach, on Bonaire......nudity permitted, as no one seemed to notice.

Sorobon....was great for us if you dont mind a little primitive, but very friendly. Guadeloupe

The guide book that we use, World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts, mentions several beaches and resorts:

The beach by Club Med is clothing optional
Lodging includes: Club Med - (800) club-med
Mme. Giroux's Bungalow's (590) 88 20 03
Motel de Ste.-Anne ( no phone number lsited)
Le Rotabas (590) 88 25 60
Hotel Toubana (590) 88 25 78

Pointe Tarare - first legally designated nude beach in the western hemishpere.

Ilet du Gosier - a tiny island offsohore from Pointe-a-Pitre
Caye a Poirier - 35 minutes by jet kat from Pointe-a-Pitre

Re: Nude in the BVIs

hi guys and thanks for offering advice to us all!

in the upcoming months, my girlfriend and i will be travelling to the BVIs. unfortunatley, we haven't had much luck finding information on the legality of nude sunbathing. i went nude on Savanah and Pond Bay (Virgin Gorda) last year but felt oddly required to cover up with a towel when someone was approaching, although no one really said anything to me.

do the BVIs have any kind of policies regarding this? thanks.

On the Beach replies:Our guide to nude sunbathing is the" World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts." The book notes that Savana and Pond Bays are nude sunning centers. Also mentioned are Devil's Bay and Turtle Bay. On the other hand Tortola natives take a dim view of nudism. We've always found it best to ask locals what the customs are before dropping our suits on the sand.

From : Heather
Re: Nude Jamaica

Are there any clothing optional resorts close to Montego Bay that one may visit if not staying at the resort? What about public nude beaches? Are there any? I'm staying at the Holiday Inn Sunspree. Thanks! Thanks!

On the Beach replies:Seawind Beach and Braco Village Resort both have nude beaches. We don't know about non-guests using the beach. You may want to contact SENSE Adventures for complete information because they specialize in nude adventures on Jamaica. You can call them at (809) 927-2097 for fax them at (809) 929-6967

From: Ffrog
Re: Nude/Caribbean

My brother-in-law and his wife are going on a cruise and would like to know if there are any nude beaches on the following islands: Barbardos
St. Thomas
St. John
Dominique (or Dominica)

On the Beach replies:The World guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts suggests these beaches: Martinique - Secret Beach - at the southern end of Martinique There are a number of deserted beaches at this end of the island. Check with locals to see where nudity is permitted or tolerated.

St. John - Jumbaie Bay and Solomon's Beach
Keep in mind that local attitudes change as well as enforcement policies. Always check with the locals before tossing your swimsuit aside.

Re: Info Hedonism

I have heard of a great resort called Hedonism in Jamaica, that has a topless beach and a very uninhibited attitude to say the least. I would like to know if there are any other resorts anywhere else in the world that has this same type of atmosphere.

On the Beach replies:Hedonism II is very popular. Their phone number is 800 858-8009

Another popular resort is Hotel Club Orient on St. Martin. You can get information via Skinny Dip Tours 800 828-9356

The world is a big place and there are probably other places like Hedonism II. However, if this sort of lifestyle appeals to you, then Hedonism II is where you should go.

Subject:Re: St James's Club, Antigua .
As the beach experts can you tell me about this hotel and beach for a vacation.

On the Beach replies:Steve, sorry we don't have any info on St. James. Club. If you go would you give us a report on it for our readers?

Re: Clothing Opt.Beaches/Antigua

S.O.S. Staying at Royal Antiguan Resort (Deep Bay area). Know of anyplace I can get naked nearby? Last year I loved Orient Beach in St. Maartin! Please send help. Thanks PP

On the Beach replies:Try Hawksbill Beach. It's maintained by the Hawksbill Resort - (809)462-0301

New York

Long Island

Jones Beach

From the World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts: "Go to Jones Beach and park in Field 6 near the east bathhouse. Walk east along the beach about 30 minutes. You'll pass old Field 9 and a bird sanctuary and then begin to see other naturists."

From: ERB0
Re: Nude near Syracuse

You wrote: where can I find nude beaches near Syracuse.

On the Beach replies:Try the undeveloped sand dunes at Deer Creek Marsh Wildlife Management area. It's nestled between Deer Creek and Lake Ontario. Also try Bear Slide in Warrensburg State Forest.

This information comes from Lee Baxandall's "World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts."

Subject:Re: Upstate New York

I'm trying to find nude beaches or camping in Upstate New York. I've never been, but have always been interested in experiencing a nude vacation. I'm not sure how well this would work out, so I'm hesitant to travel too far to go to some exotic locale, looking for something close to home. Please let me know if you are aware of anything.

On the Beach replies: Try these contacts:

Tri-State Metro Naturists
P.O. 1317
FDR Station
New York, N.Y 10150-1317

Full Tan Sun Club
Route 1 Box 34
Sprakers, NY 12166 - (518) 673-2886

Clothing Optional Cruises

Re:CO Cruises

I need some help-- -----I have spent a ton of time at clothes optional land----looking to take a cruise with such---where do I look---thanks and so do look forward to your reply---KSP

On the Beach replies:Visit the following Web Site. They specialize in CO cruises.

Bare Necessities


From: sagi gat
Re: nude in Israel

do you know if there is a naturist beach in israel? i am in israel now (a tourist) and it would really make me happy to know where is a beach here.

On the Beach replies:Try these places that we found in the "World guide to nude beaches and resorts." Ga'ash - 30 minutes north of Tel Aviv Ein Bokek Psoriasis Center on the shores of the Dead Sea Elat on the Gulf of Aqaba..

Southern States

From: abook
Re: Nude in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia...

DO you know of any places in these states where a couple can enjoy the great outdoors in the nude?

On the Beach replies:That's a lot of ground to cover. We'll just name a few in Maryland. Then suggest you get a copy of World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts by Lee Baxandall. Maryland -

Pen Mar Club - 68 acres, camping, pool, etc. P.O. 276,Hancock, Md (717) 294-3262

Purse State Park on the Potomac - South of Indian Head on Route 224 Check with the locals though before running off naked. The rules and customes do change.

Also contact the Potomac Rambling Bares, P.O. 515, Oakton, Va. 22124-0515

Subject: Re: Virginia nude beaches?

Are there any nude beaches in southeastern Virginia, eastern NC. or SC.? I couldn't find any listed.

On the Beach replies:To get up to date information on Virginia contact the Central Virginia Naturists
P.O. 11954
Lynchburg, Va. 24506

North Carolina:

North Carolina Naturists
P.O. 33845,
Charlotte, NC 28233

South Carolina

The World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts suggests: Francis Marion National Forest - 10 miles north of Charleston, opposite Bull Island

Subject: Missisippi

I'm looking for a nude beach near Biloxi, MS. Could you help?

On the Beach replies: Head for Ship Island, part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Once there check out the southeast shore. Also, try Horn Island.

From: WD
Subject: re: nude beaches/Louisiana

Are you aware of any nude beaches around the southeast louisiana area. Any response will be appreciated.

On the Beach replies:For the best inofrmation contact the Piety's who run a Bare Bed and Breakfast in Mississippi. They are just an hour from New Orleans and Mobile.(601) 868-8631

Subject: Re: Nude Beaches in Missouri

I have heard that there are nude beaches in the state of Missouri. Can you tell me where they are located, and/or their web site?

On the Beach replies: Here's a contact for info on nude beaches in Missouri:
Show-Me Naturists, P.O. 30035, Columbia, Mo.65205

Lee Baxendall is his book "World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts" also lists some spots in Missouri.

Royal landing Beach - Mississippi River in Calhoun County - 50 minutes form St. Louis - not specifically CO but it's seclusion , particularly on weekdays offers the opportunity to run naked on the beach.

Party Cove at the west end of 98 mile lake of the Ozarks. Thongs are accepted and full nudity is not uncommon.

Subject:Re: Nude Beaches in Tennessee and Mississippi

Do you know of any adult nude beaches in the Tennessee or Mississippi area? I would appreciate any info you can give me?

On the Beach replies:In Tennessee a 1994 state law bans public nudity. To get information on where that law may not be enforced or at least enforcement is las contact the Ken-Ten Naturists, P.O. 822, McKenzie, Tn 38201

As for Mississippi look for deserted beaches along the river.


nudist areas on Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan?? either in WI or MI?

Any suggetsions for sept/oct, especially at locations closer to CHI?? any help appreciated.

On the Beach replies:For up to date information it's best to contact locals who stay informed on these matters. In Michigan contact the Traverse City Naturists at 8700 W 6 1/2 Road, Mesick, Mi 49668 - for info include a SASE

In Wisconsin contact the Badger Naturists: P.O. 55346, Madison, Wi 53705 Send SASE.



Do you have any information about any public beaches in the Bahamas where nudity is permitted officially or at least tolerated.

On the Beach replies:The World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts suggest the Out Islands: Cat Island, Freeport on Grand Bahama, Paradise Island, Peace and Plenty Beach on Great Exuma.


Re: nude in Denmark

Want to visit the best topless/ nude beaches in europe (esp Denmark) Any helpful suggestions and tips?

On the Beach replies:For the best listing of nude beaches in Europe get a copy of Lee Baxandall's World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts. Here's several suggestions he makes for Denmark. Keep in mind that nudity on beaches in Europe, especially Scandanavia, is very common.

Romo and Fano Islands and Tisvilde on Sjaelland Island.

Baxandall notes that there are only two beaches in Denmark where it is ILLEGAL to be nude. They are Aabenraa and Holmsland-klit.

Pacific Northwest

Subject:Re: nude beaches in Oregon

Where in Oregon?

On the Beach replies:The World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts listed a number of clothing optional places in Oregon. Here are a few: Rooster Rock State Park - 25 miles east of Portland in the Columbia River Gorge

Sauvie Island - west of Portland on the Columbia River contact the Friends of Sauvie Island at (503) 645-2306

Subject:Re: nude in Seattle

I'm interested in finding some local nude beaches around the Seattle area and I don't know how to come about it. I'm un-familiar with the local beaches; I just moved from Spokane where I used to relax & tan at the People's Park nude beach.

On the Beach replies:We lived in Redmond, near Seattle, for 8 years. But then enough was enough and we moved down to the sun country of Southern California.

We've heard that there is a nude beach at Larrabee State Park. That's up by Bellingham. The beach is called Clayton Bay Beach. Best to check before you go though.

You might want to check with some of the local nudist resorts to get the latest on beaches where you can run naked.

Try : Fraternity Snoqualmie - (206) 392-nude

The Slugs - write them at P.O. 2335, Lynwood, Wa. 98036
They publish a book called " The Northwest Nudist Notebook.

Subject:Re: nude parks in Spokane

I live in Spokane WA and we have a great nude beach at peoples park it's close to downtown and the cops are really cool, they mostly complain about drinking but they don't bust us for nude sunbathing

On the Beach replies:Bruce, that's so cool. I've been to Spokane and didn't know they had such an enlightened attitude.

North Eastern United States

Subject:Re: Nude Beaches on Cape Cod

I've just recently moved to Cape Cod, MA and was wondering if there are any nude beaches on the island?

On the Beach replies:For up to date info contact the Cape Cod Naturists
(508) 359-7105
P.O. 1133 Trun, Ma, 02666

The Cape Cod national Seashore is popular for nude sunbathing. Many naturists go to Truro and Herring Cove Beach, according to the World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts.

Subject:Nude beaches in Maine

Could you tell me if there are any Nude Beaches in Maine? Any help would be Great !

On the Beach replies:You’re the first person to ever ask about nude beaches in Maine.
Believe it or not the World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts lists a club that keeps up to date information on nude goings on in Maine. Contact:
Solar Bares
P.O. 104,
Norway, Me. 04268

Subject: Re: Crane's beach .
Ipswich Massachusetts. Home of the largest, most beautiful beach in New England. Little known fact that there are extensive Dune walks behind the beach maintained by the conservation people which are used by nude sunbathers even though the sign says differently. You can find a secluded niche in the dunes and settle in without fear of gawkers or clothes police.

On the Beach replies: Thanks for the note on Crane Beach. We'll share it with everyone in Margarita Ville.

Subject:Re: Nude Beaches in CT?

Do you know of any nude beaches in CT? Thanks for your help. ~Ginger

On the Beach replies:The World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts suggests these places in CT.

Hartford: Fre-Bear
Clothing Optional campground 30 minutes from Hartford
(203) 231-2333

Higganum Reservoir State Park: Miller's Pond

Lyme:Nehantic State Forest

Remember to check with locals and park officials to see is nudity is still allowed. Attitudes can and do change.


Subject:Re: is there a nude beach in Illinois

Are there a nude beach in Illinois?

On the Beach replies: Public nudity is generally not tolerated in Illinois. Contact the Chicago Sun Club for current information. Send them a self-addressed and stamped envelope, P.O. 853, Chicago Heights, Il. 60411

Lee Baxandall in his book, World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts" mentions the Tzama Lodge near Buncombe, Il. Their mailing address is P.O. 66, buncombe, Il. 62912-0066


Subject:Colorado Naturist Resorts

We are looking for any nude resorts in the Colorado area. Do you know of any? Help us and we can share the stories with you.

On the Beach replies: In the book " World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts" by Lee Baxendall these resorts are mentioned:

Mountain Air Ranch, Littleton - (303) 697-4083
Desert Reef Beach Club - Colorado Springs - (719) 784-6134

Also contact the Colorado Naturists, P.O. 652, Elizabeth, Co. 80207


Subject: Re: List of Nude Beaches in Minnesota

If you have the information, could you please send me a list of all or some of the Nude Beaches in Minnesota. Thank You

On the Beach replies:For complete up to date info contact the Minnesota Naturists, P.O. 580811, Minneapolis, Mn 55458 SASE


Subject: Re: nude beaches - Pennsylvania
do you know of any nude beaches in Pennsylvania ?

On the Beach replies:The World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts lists a number of places. To get the most up to date information call: Metro Naturists - (215) GET-NUDE
White Thorn Lodge - (412) 846-5984
Penn Sylvan Health Society - (717) 445-6330

Subject:Re: nude beaches in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

My boyfriend and I are going away in early June and we would like to find nude beaches in the areas of Western Pa., Delaware and possibly Southern Jersey. We are from the Philadelphia area. We discovered the nude beach in Sandy Hook about a year ago, but we are into exploring. Can you help us ??? Thanks so much.

On the Beach replies:Lee Baxandall in his book "World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts" mentions Bare Ass Beach in Western Pennsylvania. You take route 448 south from Ellwood City. Turn left over the Ewing park Bridge. Make the first right over the bridge. This brings you into a park setting. Make another ight turn into an alley. Go a short distance and park in a church parking lot. Find the path leading down to the river.

Actually it doesn't sound like fun to me. He mentions briar bushes and broken glass. He doesn't list anything for Delaware.

Vancouver, British Columbia

From: Julie
Subject: Are there any nude beaches in Vancouver

On the Beach replies:There is a great nude beach. Visit their web site at Wreck Beach.


Subject:Re: nude beaches in Cuba

you say there are nude beaches in Cuba could you name a few, not the area but the actual resorts by name we appreciate your help. we have been to Cuba and just love it there. a great place for a vacation. thank you diego

On the Beach replies:The World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts list this resorts in Cuba that welcome nudists. It's on Cayo Largo, 35 minutes south of the western part of the main island. Villa Capricho.

Sorry we don't have a phone number or address.

These Canadian travel agencies can help you:

Toronto - Magna Holidays (416) 665-7330

Montreal - Champagne Tours (514) 866-3695


Subject:Re: Nude Beaches in Greece

Do you know any nude beach in Greece?

On the Beach replies: For information on nude beaches in Greece write:
P.O. Box 3379, GR-10210, Athens,

There's way to many nude beaches in Greece for us to start listing them here.


Subject:Re:nude beaches in Italy

My wife and I are going to northern Italy soon (west coast). I'll be working in Asti for a week. We're looking for a line on some good nude beaches. Any ideas?

On the Beach replies:To get the most recent information contact the Fererazione Naturista Italiana, Via guicciardini 3, 1-10121 Turin (3911) 562-040 FAX (3911) 548-077.

Tolerance of nudity on beaches in Italy varies with both time and place, Make sure you check with locals before running naked on the beach.


Subject:Re: nude beaches Bermuda

Do you know of any nude beaches in Bermuda?

On the Beach replies: Sorry, we haven't heard of any CO or nude beaches on Bermuda.



Cable Beach is part of Broome on north west Western Australia. Broome is a developing tourist destination, and I and my wife had the privilege of holidaying there recently. The "culture" of Broome is very laid back and hence going with any bathers/swimmming gear is almost the norm. Cable Beach is about 22kms long and all but about 2 kms of it is free beach. It is almost perfection long clean wide beaches. I had the time of my life (unfortunately with out my wife) on the free part, sharing the beach with people fishing and "ordianry" beach goers. A fantastic sense of freedom where it was normal and perfect to be nude. Highly recommend it, but as I said it's no secret, though at the beach itself no signs point this out.

Re: nude beaches: Australia

i was wondering if you knew of any places in sydney,nsw ,australia?

On the Beach replies:Nudity on beaches in Australia is quite common. There is a book published titled, "Australian Bare Facts." You can get it from the Elysium Book Nook, 814 Robinson Rd., Topanga, Ca. 90290. Write them to find out the price. You may also contact the Australian Nudist Federation. Their fax number is 61 262 93 196.

There are numerous nude beaches around Sydney. Near Adelaide there is Maslin Beach and Pelican Point. Near Camberra there is Kambah Pool Beach.

Click here Australian Nude Beaches to go to a site that features nude beaches in Australia.


Our guide book, World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts, suggests: Tambuli Beach Reosrt - Mactan Island
Boracay Island
Coco-Loco Beach Resort - Palawan Island
Nagarao Island


The guide book we use, World guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts, lists only one resort:
Sitio Rincao - Phone number 55 125 27 1142
The book mentions the Rio de Janeiro Naturist Association. You may want to contact them:

Sergio de Oliveira, RIO NAT, C.P. 136, Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20001-970 Phone# 55 21 5372767