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Nude Beach, Nude Resort, Or, Swinger Club?

Free - Naturist Dating.

Hey, if you're like me, even going to the bookstore to find a book on nude beaches was an embarrasing experience. That was before the Internet made it so easy to get information. Once I knew where the nude beaches were, and it turned out that there weren't many legal nude beaches, my wife and I had to consider if we had the guts to walk onto a public nude beach naked. Our dilemna was solved when a friend invited us to go to a 4 star nudist resort. There, she assured us, everyone would be naked, and, most important to us, in a good behavior mode. My wife was concerned that at a nude beach she might have to put up with guys flashing their penises in her face.

Free - Naturist Dating.

The visit to the 4 star nudist resort was fantastic. I still remember how exhilerating it felt to walk naked out the door of our condo unit. Feeling the warm breeze all over my body was, and still is, a wonderful feeling. My wife and I strolled over to the pool area. We were pleased to see a variety of body types lounging around the pool. I have to tell you this. Some people have the perception that the people at nudist resorts are all old, overweight, and unattractive. Not the case at all. Among the various body types were fabulously gorgeous women, and handsome men.

Free - Naturist Dating.

With this experience behind us, we were ready for our nude beach trip. Now, we didn't care who was around. We were comfortable with being naked in public. Running naked on the sand, plunging into the crashing waves, gave freedom a new meaning.

Here it is in a nut shell. Having your first public nude experience at a nudist resort gives you the confidence, if you need it, to go to a nude beach. Each place offers a different feeling. The main concern is that there are only a handfull of legal nude beaches. If a beach isn't recognized as being legally nude, you always run the risk of law enforcement hassling you. Whereas, at a nudist resort, and there are many nudist resorts, you don't have that issue. And, if anyone misbehaves at a nudist resort, they get tossed out.

Free - Naturist Dating.

While people fight to keep local nude beaches nude, and sadly, loosing that fight at places like San Onofre, "Lifestyle Clubs" are growing in popularity all over the United States. Some call these clubs "Swinger Clubs." But they are much more than the connotations associated with the word "Swinger." Lifestyles clubs are places where adults are free to express their sexuality. Some couples at Lifestyle clubs may share intimacy with other couples. Other couples breathe in the erotic atmosphere of these clubs to enhance their sexual connection with each other. Most of the clubs are for couples and single women, no single men. You'll find the people at a Lifestyle club to be more courteous than you would find at a regular club. There will be no drunks and no drugs. Everyone knows that "no" means no.

Free - Naturist Dating.