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Guide to Running Naked on the Beach in Cabo.

Keep in mind that this was written back in the 90's. Things change. Don't get naked on a beach around Cabo until you've checked with a few locals to see if it's still okay.

People often ask about nude beaches in Baja. You have to understand that running naked on the beach is generally illegal in Mexico. However, there are some beaches where local cutoms permit or tolerate this activity. Here are some of those beaches in the Cabo area.

Lover's Beach - Don't beleive it. Maybe it was once upon a time but it's not now. It's located near the famous arches. Going out to see the arch is a worth the trip, it is pretty impressive, however, Lover's Beach is no good. It used to be known as a nude beach, that was probably before they started shuttling boat load after boat load of people out there. You won't be able to go nude and it's gotten pretty dirty. We did it once, wouldn't do it again.

We have done extensive exploring of the beaches back towards the airport and up to Todos Santos (where Hotel California is) There are three beaches we found where you can go nude on, relax and enjoy yourself.

First, when you go to the beach, bring an umbrella and a cooler. There is no shade and you MUST have a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Don't be scared. It's not like there's any heavy duty 4 wheeling involved but this is the beach and the sand can be soft. Don't attempt to drive on the beach, you may see tracks, but it's not worth trying it. Where I'm sending you the most it will be is a fifty yard walk.

There are two beaches heading back to the airport, the Twin Dolphin beach is located at mile marker (kilometer) 12. Look for the beach access sign at the entrance to the Twin Dolphin hotel. Follow the road all the way down the hill, at the bottom cross the washout and you'll come up to a plateau where you can park. Go past this and, just before the road goes up the hill, park your vehicle. Walk out on the beach and go right to the end where the rocks meet the water. This is a great beach. Most days you will see no one. If you do and you're at the end of the beach, set up behind a rock and put your bathing suit on the rock. If someone comes they will see your suit and assume you're nude and wont bother you. When you're at the end theres no where to go past you.

For snorkeling, the Santa Maria beach is the next one closer to town and well marked. There are some vendors here. If you don't want to be bothered, try "no wallet, no denero" should work.

The next beach is the Westin beach, go to the Westin for lunch at the pool and tell them to make a shrimp quesadilla, not on the menu. Go down the driveway to the Westin and take a right on the dirt road down to the beach. Follow the road as far as you can, then back up just a little. You should see a very overgrown road on the right. Put it in 4 wheel drive and go through the brush. You'll quickly come out on a very hard sandstone. Go slow and traverse the sandstone a hundred yds or so traversing west and heading down to the beach, you will not get stuck, and the reward is great. The beach is lined with coves, you can see the hotel a mile or so away. We spent 4 or 5 days on this beach and only saw one person and you can swim in the water.

The last beach is as remote as it gets but you can't swim or even get near the water. Heading north to Todos Santos to Kilometer 101.1 go left about 1.5 miles to a shack, theres an old man that will charge you $2. Drive out to the end of the scrub, not on the beach, you can see for miles in either direction, there is nothing in sight. You're on Playa Las Margarita Beach.

Have a great trip.
Happy Tanning,