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Tequilla and Margarita Recipes from Margarita Ville

Turn your back to the world. Kick back.
Lick the salt from the rim of your glass.
Sip your Margarita.
Warm air embraces you. Gaze out over the ocean.
Listen to the breaking waves.
Drift away, while the setting sun, blasts the sky afire.

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Hey, try out these Margarita recipes.


  • 2 OZ. Patron Gold Tequila

  • 1/2 OZ. Grand Marnier

  • 1/2 OZ. Cointreau

  • 1/4 OZ. Roses Lime Juice or squeeze 1/2 of a real lime.

  • Top off with Tavern sour mix and a splash of OJ,salted rim, flash blend, pour over ice and there you go!! For a frozen one, add 1 packet of equal or a ounce of sweet simple syrup (thick sugar water mixture) this makes up for the lost sweetness from the blended ice.

    The Skip and Go Naked Margarita:

    • 2 oz. tequila
    • 1/2 oz. fresh lime juice
    • 12 oz. beer

    Mix all ingredients, except beer, pour into a 12 oz. chilled beer mug and top with ice cold beer. Pour the beer in gently.

    Get Ready for Sex Margarita :



    It was the 4th of July in Ensenada, which by the way means nothing in Mexico, when Oscar, a bartender at El Toreador, was asked by a customer to make her a "Magnolia." Oscar, didn't have a clue as to what a "Magnolia" was. Not wanting to admit that he hadn't heard of the drink, he made one up. Oscar tossed in some tequila for starters, then Cointreau, and finished it off with a twist of lime. The woman downed the drink and said "That's the best daisy I've ever had." Oscar realized the woman didn't have a clue about what she had ordered. But, he liked the way the name Daisy translated into Spanish. With a grin, Morales said "Daisy, en espanol, la Margarita." The woman said, "I loved it. Give me another Margarita."

    From: Ron Jordan <>
    Subject: Origin of the Margarita!

    Captain Ron's diary...
    It was a warm and breezy day. I was adding the necessary provisions to the Margarite. We would be casting off soon. In my time sailing was a troubled means of navigation. I am older than all of you. I have sailed this vast ocean for 10 score. Sail us this day from the Yucatan. Before we went underway, we had all that could be needed. Limes and oranges for the scurvy, good Mexican grog for medicinal purposes, and exotic foods and spices from this ocean washed desert known as Yucatan were carefully iced down and salted.

    As we distanced ourselves from the Yucatan, we set bearing on the out islands of the Caribbean. Early the following dawn, as I lay resting upon the helm, I awoke to the ripping of timbers. Soon, the beautiful Margarite'slid under the water's surface and left me and my crew to the remaining flotsam. We bobbed about on ice blocks, and boxes of citrus and booze. We steered to an island, were the fans of a single, lonely palm gave us a heading. Once there, we surveyed what was left...only the salted ice, the citrus and the wonderful Mexican grog remained!

    This was our substinance and this was our salvation. We gleefully mixed all of the these remaining provisions and drank them down. Even in her destruction our vessel had provided for us the the means to stay afloat, stay alive...survive! In her honor, we toasted to "Margarita" each time we drank her saving cargo. Years later, a pilot named Buffett landed his seaplane near the Lone Palm, he and I have been wasting away in Margaritaville ever since!   Story by: Captain Ron -


    Question - By Mexican government standards what is tequila?
    Answer - The Mexican government requires that tequila must be at least 51% agave sugar and 49% cane sugar.

    Question - What makes a great tequila?
    Answer - Great tequilas are made from 100% blue agave juice squeezed from plants that are 10 years old. Then the juice is distilled carefully and with love, and may be then be aged. Aging affects the character of the tequila and it then becomes a matter of taste.

    Question - Why is there a worm in the tequila bottle?
    Answer - We used to say that was a myth but now we've learned differently. Visit Mezcal to get the interesting answer.
    Or, read below what one of our readers says about the worm. I think there is consensus now that there is no worm in the Tequila bottle. But, there could be a worm in your Mezcal. Just depends on the brand. Take a look at what Ron Cooper says:

    Subject: The Worm in the Bottle - "The Gusano story"
    The origin of the worm in the bottle is as follows: In 1940 Jacobo Lozano Páez moved to Mexico City from Parras, Coahuila to study art. He got a job at "La Minita" affiliated with "La Economica" and this experience changed his artistic aspirations to those of a successful Bottler and trader of Mezcal, an activity initiated in the same liquor store. Jacobo met his future wife working there. He started a small bottling facility in 1942 and entrusted into it his wife's hands.

    The couple bought mezcal from the Méndez family in Matatlan,Oaxaca. They collected and cleaned bottles for their operation.

    In 1950 the inexperienced entrepreneur, now owner of Atlántida, S.A. - a small Bottling company located downtown - AND a connoissuer of the mezcal's production process, discovered that the maguey worms gave the mezcal a special flavor, since when the plant was cut for cooking a lot of these creatures remained in the heart. (Bad choice of plagued magueys-buddy!) This is how he got the idea to give his product a distinctive touch, adding a worm to the beverage and including with the bottle a small sack with salt seasoned with the same larva, dehydrated and ground. These ingredients determined the identification of the mezcales "Gusano de Oro" and "Gusano Rojo"


    1950 a great year

    Ron Cooper, Founder
    DEL MAGUEY, Single Village Mezcal
    MEX 952 440 01
    USA 505 758 1211
    Del Maguey Site:

    And, here's another thought on the worm from one of our readers:

    From: Stoney
    Subject: Re: the truth

    OK, you asked for it. The worm isn't really a represents a snake.

    Ya see many years ago, after the Spaniards introduced the art of fermenting to the aztecs,thus turning their light milky drink into full blown fire water, the tribes to the west or specifically in what we now call the state of jalisco, were not as affected by the Spaniards.............yet.
    Hearing of the new cocktail brought to them by 'white gods on giant creatures'(horses) they figured they'd pay homage, if you will. By dropping a live snake in the tequila before fermentation, they believed eating it after, and getting pretty damned bluttoed w/o taking a sip, they were somewhat god like themselves.......thus the wormie in the bottle isn't a worm but actually a snake.

    The end.

    Now here's links to two other great sites to learn about Mezcal and Tequila:

    JIMMY BUFFETT'S WEB SITE - MargaritaVille

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