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Get the best rates for hotels and resorts on the Washington Coast. Although Washington has approximately 157 miles of coastline, there are only a couple to towns with oceanfront, or at least beachfront, inns and hotels. Those towns are Ocean Shores, Long Beach, and Forks. Forks isn't on the ocean, but in the vicinty of this town on the Olympic Peninsula there are some wonderful oceanfront and beachfront resorts. Of course Forks is the setting for the "Twilight" novels and movies. The Olympic Peninsula is magnificent country. The coastline is stunning. The Hoh Rainforest is magical. And, the Olympic Mounatins some of the grandest in the world. A visit to Forks, even if you can't find a room at a beach hotel, should be on your list of places to must visit. The fact that the "Twilight Saga" is set here makes this an even more interesting place to visit. We have camped on the beach in Olympic National Park with our four kids. It was an enchanting couple of days. We didn't spot any werewolves or vampires, but the setting makes it easy to imagine their existence.

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