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Oregon has more oceanfront beach hotels, resorts, and inns than California or Washington.
You have beaches ranging from coves to great sand dunes. You have towns ranging from
the very developed and popular Lincoln City to the little known and strange to pronounce Yachats.
In the summer you'll often find the Oregon beaches shrouded in fog. The sunnniest months are spring
and fall. There are many campgrounds on the beach along the Oregon Coast. Beach hotels
from Lincoln City to Yachats come in all sizes and types. In Lincoln City you'll find some very
high end oceanfront beach resorts. In Yachats, and other small beach towns, you'll find many Mom & Pop beach inns.

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These are our favorite hotels on the beach on the Oregon Coast.

Ocean Terrace Condominiums
Starfish Oceanfront Inn
Best Western Beachfront Inn

Sea Horse Oceanfront Lodging
Lincoln Sands Suites
Comfort Inn & Suites
Coho Oceanfront Lodge

Here is a listing of hotels on the beach and near the beach
in the most popular beach towns on the Oregon Coast