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California has almost 1000 miles of coastline. You'd think that there would be hundreds of hotels on the beach. The fact is that there are only approximately 120 oceanfront beach resort hotels. Our beach hotel database has 99% of the accommodations that are actually on the beach, on a bluff above the ocean, or just across the street from the beach. Just a handful of towns account for the majority of inns, resorts, and hotels that are oceanfront. Those towns are listed on this page. Clicking on any of the beach towns will take you to a database of lodging available in the town. Some of the listed hotels are on the beach. You'll pay a premium price for an oceanfront resort or hotel. Accommodations not on the beach will generally be less expensive. You have to ask yourself if being on the beach is worth the extra price. Many beachfront properties are older, often built in the 50's. There is a web site that posts reviews of California beach hotels - BeachHotelAdvisor.

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California - Our Favorite California Beach Hotels

Laguna Riviera
Seahorse Beach Resort
Embassy Suites
Mandalay Beach Resort
Blue Sea Lodge
Seascape Resort
Sea Otter Inn



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