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Cambria Hotels On the Beach & Near the Beach

Hotels On the Beach is your guide to beach hotels and beach resorts in the mystical village of Cambria By the Sea. You can book the best rates for hotels on the beach, and hotels that are near the beach. Cambria is on the Central California Coast. It is one of the most popular beach town destinations on the Central California Coast.

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Mystical and enchanting come to my mind as I enter the mid-coastal kingdom of Cambria. By the clock, Los Angeles is four hours behind us to the south. But here, in this village where the pines meet the sea, we are in a different era. Small as it is, Cambria offers three distict areas where one can enjoy the amenities and beauty of this California coastal community.

East Village's many Victorian structures, some dating back to the 1870's, house galleries, restaurants, shops and lodging. West Village features an equally diverse range of shopping but in a different architectural style. Both villages are set amongst the pines. On the other hand, Moonstone Beach Drive fronts the blue Pacific Ocean.

Moonstone Beach takes it name from the moonstones that can sometimes be found along the beach. They are among the finest inns and B&B's anywhere on the Pacific Coast.

Of course, many come to Cambria to do nothing. But there is also much to see and do. Everyone knows about the world famous Hearst Castle which is just a few miles to the north of Cambria. After your castle tour you may kayak along the coast or bicycle through pines and over vineyard covered hills. In the spring and fall whales migrate past Cambria. For the intrepid shopper there are enough unique shops featuring local artisans to keep you busy for several days.

Throughout the year there are events taking place in Cambria. Here is a link to the calendar of events:
Cambria Chamber of Commerce.