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This trip report has been written in pieces whenever I felt like it, so it may seem disjointed, but isn't that the point of a vacation in Jamaica - to feel disjointed? I wrote it because my wife and I found the reports that we read so helpful in preparing us before coming down, so it's pay-back time!

We started off from S/E BC Canada, so our first day was spent driving to Calgary (4 1/2 hrs.) Alta., to get ready for an early flight. The next day, we flew to Toronto, then down to Miami (8 1/2 hrs.), and spent the night there. Up the next day to fly into Montego Bay, then the bus ride to Hedo (4hrs.)! A grand total of 17 hours each way - it was a hellish trip in and out but worth it!!!


Bus Ride - I was pleasantly surprised here - after some of the trip reports, I was expecting the worst, but we enjoyed the ride. The roads are narrow and winding, and the drivers are insane, but anyone who has ever driven in a large city during rush hour has seen worse. We live in a mountainous area, with more than our share of twisting roads; I'd rather drive in Jamaica - no snow, and if you do go off the road, you don't fall 3,000'!

The ride gave us a chance to see some of the countryside, and the way people live. We also saw cows, pigs, chickens, goats, dogs, cats and kids on the roads, being missed by margins that made me uncomfortable, at a much higher frequency than I've ever seen anywhere! We also saw some of how the locals live. It was a bit of an eye opener for two hicks from Canada. That said, the people looked generally much happier than the people you see walking down the street in most N. American cities. Free - Naturist Dating.

We saw a woman decorating a small tree (18") for Christmas with lights and stuff, to bring the spirit of Christmas to her family, in their tiny little home. She was smiling and singing while decorating the tree, and you could see the joy in her eyes - it's a memory of Jamaica that we'll not soon forget.

Meeting People - We met some really nice people while there (Rick and Joyce from Vermont, Spiro and Melanie from Ft. Lauderdale, Bob and Connie from Pittsburgh, Gary and Bonnie from Illinois, Buddy and Lauren from California, to name just a few - after a very short while, we felt like we knew EVERYBODY ). It's true; if you don't go out of your way to meet people, you'll only have part of the experience. It is possible to find some quiet time alone as a couple, but in general the people who visit Hedo are friendly, people-people, so expect to make some new friends. We're pretty gregarious people, so it was a fit for us.

Some people were saying how the rooms and food was better at other resorts that they'd seen - it's definitely true. Hedo is great for the people; that's why you go there. If you want nice, quiet surroundings, go to Grand Lido.

The Action - There are lots of activities for those people who want to be entertained, but our time was mostly spent on the beach and in the pools while there. We enjoyed many things, but had the most fun with the PJ party and the Toga party. The disco was great too, but nothing compared to the hot Jacuzzi! The only thing that we missed out playing was the finding your spouse game - blindfolded of course. Won't miss that one next time! Free - Naturist Dating.

There was lots to see and do in the Jacuzzi at night, and in the cold pool in the day. If you're a shy couple, you can just sit around and watch, but the fun is in participating. The nice part is that it's up to you. If you're really shy, there is the prude beach, but Hell, why go to Hedo if you're into tan lines!

There is no shortage of swinging going on if that's what you're looking for. Much of it at least starts in and around the Jacuzzi, so if you're interested, or even if you're not sure, it is an environment to "walk" into the lifestyle. You will very likely be approached at some point; how and if you proceed is very much up to you. Not interested is sufficient to stop unwanted advances.

Not everyone there are swingers. Some were into watching, some were exhibitionists, some wanted to but were trying to work up the nerve, some were plastered all of the time, and some were just out for a good time, regardless of the form that it came in. Some, I'm convinced (based on how uncomfortable they looked most of the time) either booked Hedo by mistake, or won it in a draw or something. They're all here; you get to choose what group you want to belong to.

The Joeys - There is no shortage of single guys looking for action, and at times they were a bit of a pain, but in general they were pretty respectful. It was evident that they were "available" and "ready for action", but in general, they left people alone who weren't looking for company. There were also a few single women, but they weren't a bother, due to the single guys available. They had ALL that they could handle... Free - Naturist Dating.

And for the single guys going down looking for action, I honestly think if that's your primary reason for going to Hedo, you'll be disappointed. You're better off spending your money in the bars. In general, as a man I found them a bit of an annoyance, but easily ignored. Free - Naturist Dating.

Other Stuff - While there is a no tipping policy in place, you get services better if you shake a few hands with some $US in your palm. It's low key, and NOT expected, but WE think that it was money well spent.

There are no TV's in your room, but you're not really in there long enough to miss them; except in the AM (I like to watch sport scores while dressing). There is a CD player, but no CD's, and the radio is pretty bad. Bring some music.

Bring a large, insulated plastic drinking bottle with a straw - the pool bar gets busy, and this way you don't need to make as many trips. And if you're thinking that you won't drink enough to need one, think again! This is Jamaica mon!

The food is generally fine, but it wasn't always up to our standards. As a result, I ate more fruit than I generally do, but usually there was something being served that a person could eat. I think that I covered this earlier - you're there for the people, right?

Make sure that you bring the little things that you're used to. You can get some stuff there, but not everything, so bring the essentials. Including BBQ chips!!!

If you didn't or couldn't bring everything that you required, there is always the "Blue Taxi"; a small boat that offers access to much of the shopping (after a short ride off of the property) not often seen in major department stores - drugs, art, women, etc. Nuff' said.

The last thing I'll mention is attitude. Leave it at home, mon, you're at Hedo to have FUN! Free - Naturist Dating. Author - BeachWizard - pat@beachnude.org