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Since we opened in 1995 we've received thousands of comments and questions from people visiting Margarita Ville in On the Beach. What follows is the best of those questions and comments. You can ask questions and make comments. Just send them to the BeachWizard
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Great Margaritas :

From: Springer
The Tiki Bar - Earlville, Pennsylvania

Yes, believe it or not, the Tiki Bar is my favorite place in the world to drink a margarita. I've spent a good amount of time in the Carribean and none compare to the carefree, island ambience that surrounds this magical place.

Outside seating on the Manatawny River is romantic and rowdy at the same time. If you can find this place, and it is hard to find, you will never be so surprised in your life when you walk through the front door.
I fell instantly in love with this grill-your-own restaurant and bar three years ago and my wife and I are regular visitors to the place that is "the most fun an adult can possibly have . . . with their clothes on" - quote from a radio ad they did last summer.

If a phone # helps, it's (610) 689-7407.

From :Sue

Re: The Aphrodisiac Margarita with Damiana

Have you ever heard of the Juanaloa region of Baja Sur? That's where the magical herb called Damiana comes from. Juanaloa was named by Baptain Cortez after the giant women that lived there. Well myths aside, Damiana will take the most conservative, shy person that you know and turn them into a manicacal sex machine.

Damiana can only be found in Mexico, mainly Baja. The bottle is shaped like a naked, pregnant indian woman. If you don't believe in it just try it and i promise you will become a believer.

My favorite Margarita recipe is:


If you don't like this one, you don't like Margaritas and sex.
If you have any questions, comments or variations please contact me.

On the Beach replies: Sueltame, can this really be true? Or, maybe you had one to many Margaritas before you wrote us. We're going to tell everyone about it in Margarita Ville.

Subject: Safe Nude Beach

I live in the state of Washington. Are there any nude beaches?

On the Beach replies: Sadly there are no legal nude beaches in Washington. In fact there are very few legal nude beaches in the entire United States. The best information on nude beaches and nude resorts is at BeachNude.
From: Fernando
Subject: Margarita alternatives .
Well, there are other drinks besides Margaritas such as this Peruvian drink that is made of lemon and I believe pisco which is twice stronger than Margarita.
It's called "pisco sour." Iím Peruvian and the beaches there are outrageous such as playa sur. If you ever happen to go there, there is a small town called san bartolo and there you can find a house(mansion)right on the beach which is called "balcon del sol".

It's managed by a couple who are just wonderful. Their names are Fernando and Patricia. I only paid there $20 a day for myself and my wife Geraldine.
so if you happen to go to Peru, go to the beaches on the south to San Bartolo.
From: Rambo
Subject: Re: Rio de Plata! at Hilo Bay!
Aloha from Aloha-Land (Papaya by Avocado, next to Guava-Ville), We are celebrating our existence with a bottle of "Rio de Plata" on Coconut Island (Moku Ola).
We chase 'em brah wit da kine Keystone, and da Keystone Ice (5.2%) and we get da kine "pakadodo" to make every-"ting" right. Pretty soon we gonna grind da Digiorno. It's not take-out, pizza man! Betta dan peeg, betta dan poi!... Mahalo, Da biatches.

On the Beach Replies: Great hearing from you! We'll share your story in Margarita Ville in November.
Catalina :
From : Lyn
Subject: Re: Catalina Island Catalina Island......
what are the best beach(s) on the island and best resort? Was looking at the Inn at Mt. Ada - nice place...not quite on the beach but nice place.

On the Beach replies: Being on the beach in Avalon on Catalina Island isn't a big deal. That's because it's not much of a beach and on sunny weekends the beach is packed.
Our favorite place is the Zane Grey House. Zane Grey, the famous western writer lived here. It has great views of the harbor. I can't put my finger on their phone number right now but you can call the chamber of commerce at (310) 510-1520.
Two very nice beaches are Little Harbor on the southwest shore of Catalina and Two Harbors towards the northwestern end of the island. The Banning House at Two Harbors is a great place to stay if you like more solitude.
Be sure to take the island tour.
We loved it
Baja :

From: Judy
Subject: Re: baja beaches Well it has been a long time since I have been to baja.
My husband and I grew up and spent most of our young adult life in so. cal we now live in georgia and have a 12 yr old and 14 yr old and they love the beach we want to bring them to baja for our spring break... we have a couple of questions if you can help us.

It use to be that car rental companies in San Diego were not crazy about renting a car to some one who was going south is this still true ...we are planning on flying into san diego and going from there ...next is it crazy not to make reservations for a hotel and just see what we like as we go ...if not plz make some suggestions for resorts in Rosarita and Ensenada.

we are looking for beach front resort type settings any ideas we are pretty flexible rate wise also if we can drive how long would it take if we drove from san to cabo we would stop as we go we are looking at april 5-10th any help you can give would be great if there is somewhere i can call just let me know thanx again.

On the Beach replies: There are car rental companies that don't mind if you drive into Mexico. We just returned from a trip 500 miles into Baja (Dec.1999). We rented vans from Dollar Rent A Car in San Diego. The rate was about $370 a week plus $25 a day for Mexican Insurance.
Have you seen our Baja section? We list all of the beach resorts that we could find. I'd advise making reservations. As far as driving time to Cabo, you can calculate it's about 1000 miles. Don't figure that you can drive at freeway speeds.
Though driving in Baja is now much safer than it used to be, the primary road to Cabo is a narrow two lane highway with no shoulders. The roadbed is elevated above the natural grade about 3 feet. This means that is you take a wheel off the edge of the road while driving that your vehicle will probably flip over.

From: Halo
Subject: Re: Cabo San Lucas.
Any info on surfing at the above area would be appreciated..Going there early May...

On the Beach replies: We hear that there is great surfing at Punta Mirador and at Km 28 on the Transpeninsular Hwy. For the latest info contact the Killer Surf shop at 011 2 114 22430. They are located in San Jose del Cabo.

Subject: Re: Baja golf.
Hi. My brother is visiting for Christmas and we wanted to go to baja. I love to stay (and eat) at La Fonda's. He wants to play golf.
Is there
1. a hotel near La Fonda's that has a golf course, or
2. a golf course near La Fonda's In the interest of keeping everyone happy, any info you may have would be appreciated.

On the Beach replies: Here's a report on several golf courses near Ensenada: "We golfed at the Baja Country Club which was in a canyon surrounded by hills. It was beautiful.
That too seems to be having some financial problems, but the greens are well maintained, it's the fairways that could use a little more work. But it was empty and we never had to wait to tee off. Our last day there we golfed at Bajamar which was a very professional, well maintained course that had beautiful views as well. "

From: Todd
Subject: Great Margaritas One of the biggest Margaritas we have had by far was at Billigans Island in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was new since we were there last, it's located on the beach in the harbor next to the Office, with live bands and a happy hour that seems to go on for ever. For happy hour they serve Margaritas in glasses about 18 inches tall and 4 or 5 inches across, TWO FOR 10 PESOS (about a dollar $1.30) the only down side is navigating home. Another good mention goes to the Rio Grill in town. The last time we went was for the last 2 weeks of October, let me tell you, Holloween in Cabo was GREAT !!

On the Beach replies: Todd, people like you are terrific for sharing your first hand knowledge of Baja here in Margarita Ville.

Subject: Re: Hotel California.
What is the town/beach near Cabo in which Hotel California is/was located?

On the Beach replies: Hotel California is located in Todos Santos. That's about 50 miles north of Cabo.

From: Dale Nickson
Subject: Re: Baja Weather! Question...
what type of weather can you expect in the Baja Peninsula from December to March. We had booked a trip to Loreto but then cancelled when we heard it would only be about 55 degrees during the day in December. Now we are going to Mazanillo for Christmas, but we still want to visit the Baja. What can we expect in Cabo San Lucas and Loreto for weather?? Also, any suggestions for a two centre holiday?
Thanks from Ontario where the grass is still green but snow will soon be here!

On the Beach replies: I'm curious where you heard the 55 degrees during the day in Loreto in December. Heck, San Diego is warmer than that in December, unless there's a storm. Anyway, our data shows that it would be in the 70's in Loreto in December.

Also, my daughter was down there in January and had a fabulous time and got a bad sunburn. Cabo would be similar, maybe a little warmer. As for your question about a two centre holiday, what did you have in mind? Going to two different cities, resorts, time frame, etc.

Anyway, Manzinillo will also be nice. One of the best resorts we ever stayed at was north of Manzinillo about an hours drive. Los Angeles Locos, it's all inclusive and all by itself on a great sweeping bay.

From: mike
Subject: Re: Puerto Vallarta Looking for mellow, head-high waves and specific spots just north and south of Puerto Vallarta for month of August. Any leads?

On the Beach replies: The book we used to search an answer for you is "The pacific Coast of Mexico." It's written by Memo Barroso and our edition is 1986. I don't know if there are more recent editions. We've found it to be very accurate as far as the beaches are concerned. You don't say how far north of south.

Mr. Barroso gives the highest marks to the beaches north of P.V. along the Bahia de Banderas. He particularly likes Playa Destiladeras. It's about 5 miles north of P.V. For the beaches south of P.V. he notes that most are pretty but generally not that good for swimming.
However, if you go about 90 miles south you come to great beaches in the area of Tenacatita. We've stayed in this area at Los Angeles Locos. It's an all inclusive resort with great views and beaches.

Best Wedding :
From: Asif
Subject: Re: beach wedding.
I am looking a good beach spot in Southern CA to have a wedding. I don't want to go to a place where you have you use their caterer. I would like a semi-secluded beach where I could also hold a reception and serve alcohol and bring my own caterer. It doesn't have to be on the sand but close to the beach or overlooking it.

On the Beach replies: You can have a beach wedding on any beach in Southern California. With the exception of some beach access in Malibu and Laguna Beach, all the beaches are accessible to the public. Crystal Cove State Park might be just the place you're looking for. It's between Laguna Beach and Corona Del Mar. I don't know what the state park policies are on alcohol. Call them at: (949) 492-0802

From: Tanya
Subject: Re: Beach Wedding I want to get married on a beach this summer that has beautiful sand so we can be barefoo.
Any ideas? It has to be as close to Seattle and all I want is the beach for the ceremony..no overnight accommodations or catering of any kind needed just the beach!!

On the Beach replies: We used to live in Redmond, Wa. My favorite beach was in West Seattle. You have a choice of the beach that looks out at the Seattle skyline or going a bit south to a beach with a bluff behind it and looking out into the sound. Sorry I can't remember it's name. Favorite Beaches

From: scott kephart
Subject: favorite beach My favorite beach: the Outer Banks of North Carolina - great surf - go from crowds to isolation depending on what you want. Only one problem, like many resort areas, developers get what they want and access starts to become limited and unless you are spending $$$ for a condo you may not be able to reach the beach, but the land developers don't care because they get the money.

From: Leighton Carrad
Hi Jerry and I hope that this time I won't lose the content of this E-mail as I have for the last 3 times;Here's my report for everyone in Margarita Ville on the beach scene around Aukland, New Zealand. Auckland City sits between 2 harbors and these harbors were in the early days supposed to be linked by a canal but this proposal never came about probably due to the costs of doing this in 1905.

We have two beautiful harbors-the WAITEMATA on the East Coast and the MANUKAU on the West Coast and this means of course that there's surf beaches on one side of the City and calm water beaches on the other. The surf beaches such as Piha and Murawai are venues for surf carnivals and in the summer thousands of people of all ages visit these popular beaches to swim, sunbathe and swim-and there's fish to be caught off the black iron sand shores.

The Waitemata Harbor is dotted with many islands and these have lot's of white sandy beaches that you can travel to by a ferry-or if you're a typical Auckland boating enthusiast you can sail there in your yacht or launch or perhaps on your windsurfer if you are young and fit. The 1999/2000 America's Cup will be raced of course in this harbour and of course we hope it will stay in New Zealand where it really belongs.

The East Coast beaches in the Hauraki Gulf as the outer Harbor is known are clean white sands that the locals take good care of and Beryl and I make good use of them in the summer, and we have a few favourite ones. Most Sundays we drive to a beach and spend the day there-swimming in the summer and sometimes fishing in the winter when we 'float'a Kon-tiki right off the beach using a couple of polythene rubbish bags and a half mile of 50lb line laced with up to 20 baited hooks. To enable us to do this the wind must be'off the land'so that the wind will blow the bags-with the attached line-out into the bay.
Hopefully after two or three hours we can wind the line in and remove the fish that we have caught.

Our favourite beach is one that we call'the bird beach'and this beach is a 50 minute drive from Auckland on good roads. Te Haruhi is situated on the Whangapataoa Peninsula in a coastal farm park and is sheltered,safe and very popular with family groups. There are native NZ birds called Pukekos,tame Peacocks, and ducks that eat out of your hand, and many other birds that roam thoughout the whole Shakespear Regional Park area that surround the beautiful beach.

Here the water is clear and clean and when the America's Cup yachts are racing you will be able to watch them right off the beach or from the elevated cliffs at either end of the beach.On my new Internet website you can access the TEAM NZ America's Cup Official Website and learn heaps more about beautiful Auckland New Zealand and the CITY OR SAILS as we know it. Hope this is what you want and I would be happy to write about many of the other beaches in Auckland and some of the other beaches in NZ where we have visited.regards.
- Leighton

On the Beach replies: Thanks for the great report. One thing that caught my eye was the similarity of some of your place names to Hawaiian names. One of the things we learned in Hawaii is that the Islands of New Zealand were probably settled by the same race of people that found the Hawaiian islands. And the place names seem to prove that theory.

Subject: My favorite beach.
Capitola's beach is a wonderful place to relax and people watch. We've only been there in July, when we run in the Wharf to Wharf race from Santa Cruz to Capitola. Even in July, the weather can be gorgeous or cold and even rainy. In July I know there are live bands out on the deck of the bars and restaurants (right on the beach). We always have a great time. If you want to dance to the music, you just have to jump over the deck's railing and dance on the beach.

From: Lori
Subject: Re: narrowing the search Love your site,
I just stumbled upon it - cool. I am looking to take a vacation with a friend to 'unwind'. We want to wake up and open a door and feel sand under our toes. We would enjoy "nice to pricey" accommodations. We are also interested in the west coast CA to WA primarily. Without knowing the area the lists are intimidating - can you provide assistance?

On the Beach replies: Thanks for the nice compliment. We'll tell you about some of our favorite beach areas. Then you might want to check our advertisers in those areas. You said you want to unwind so we'll stay away from the busier beach spots.
San Clemente - about an hour north of San Diego it's a sleepy Spanish styled town. We love the beaches there and it's really easy to get away from everyone by just walking up or down the beach a short ways. Cambria - north of Los Angeles about 4 to 5 hours.

You're really away from it all here and there are some great places ranging from B&B's to elegant resorts. And you're minutes to Hearst Castle, a great estate created by William Randolph Hearst. Santa Cruz - about 90 minutes south of San Francisco on Monterey Bay. If you tire of running sand between your toes you can quickly be in giant Redwood forests.

We had our family reunion here and had a great time. Hwy 1 north of San Francisco - now you're talking wild beaches and rivers. Quite different from south of San Francisco. Oregon is just one great beach after another. In some cases the highway goes near the beach and sometimes it goes inland. The resorts range from sleepy little out of the way places to large and fancy places. It's hard to recommend because it depends on what you like. Again look at our advertisers to get an idea of the range of places.

Washington is quite different. For most of the state coast the beach is broad and flat. Your lodging may be on the beach and yet a good distance to the ocean, a 1/4 mile or more. However, when you get up to the Olympic Peninsula the beach becomes much different. There are cliffs with dense forest behind them and majestic mountains inland. We hope this helps. As you plan and have more specific questions we'll be glad to answer them for you or at least provide our thoughts.

From: Joseph
Subject: Re: information.
My family of five is looking for a good place on the islands of Georgia or South Carolina to decompress after three years in Bogota, Colombia -- but I can't seem to find any good locators for rentals (not over $1,000 per week) as for Florida or NC. We like simple stuff, particularly if near places where we can rent sailboats and horses.
Any suggestions,

On the Beach replies: Hilton Head and Amelia Island are two places that come to mind. Unfortunately we don't have any contacts there. Two suggestions - get a good bed and breakfast book and get an Automobile Club Directory for those areas. If you're not a member of Triple A, their books are worth the cost of membership. With these tow books in hand you should be able to talk to someone who will recommend a Realtor who handles rentals. I'm amazed that you haven't found anything on the Internet. After your vacation, would you write us an article about your beach vacation. Also, would like to know about your experience in Bogota.

From: Dale
Subject: Re: Try some Canadian east coast beaches! Some of the best beaches are in the province of New Brunswick, Canada (just north of the state of Maine.) Try New River Beach just south of the city of Saint John, or Parlee Beach in Shediac, the lobster capital of the world. There are many long stretches of secluded, clean beaches, great waves and sea life and zesty temperatures. Best to visit June to August.
Thanks for the notes on the beaches. We'll post them in Margarita Ville. How about an article about your trip when you get back from Manzinillo?

From : Tab
Subject: Re: jamaica

I would have to say that the best beach and resort we have ever been to
would be Sans Souci Lido in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It is an all inclusive
resort and spa. The service there was the best I have ever received, the
food was delicious and plentiful, and the beaches and cliffs were breath
taking. What else could you ask for!

Just to give you a little more information on Sans Souci Lido... It is a
"Super Clubs, Super-inclusive resort". So everything that you can
imagine is included, from room service to private boat excursions. They
even did our laundry and ironing. They had planned snorkeling and scuba
diving trips a couple times a day. I believe that any travel agent would
know about super clubs resorts, give them a call because we got a free
video to check it all out.

We were there for 7 nights in mid August and flew from Atlanta and we
paid around $4,000-$5,000. But we paid nothing else while we were there
except for a few T-Shirts.

We can't wait to get back there.
Brandi Brown

On the Beach replies:

Thanks, Brandi. We'll share this in Margarita Ville in November and also place
it in our "Reviews" section.

From: Mike
Subject: Best beach ?????

Have been on beaches all over the world and have found a bit of Hades in every Eden. Camping on the beach in New Zealand ( the same beach where they filmed THE PIANO) was spectacular and wildly invigorating. But there were black flies in the day and mosquitoes at night. Wonderful beaches on 300+ islands in Los Roques off of Venezuela with white sand and crystal waters, but no fresh water or habitations. So you had to have a boat to live on.

All ok, but I may have found the best of all worlds in Bali. One of the Puri Bagus hotels located just out of Candidasa, Bali is located on a lovely white sand beach with great diving just offshore and misty islands in the distance. Beautiful hotel with duplex cottages set in tropical gardens and moderately priced. Best of all is the professional hot, scented oil massage on the beach for $4.00 US/hour.

Food wonderful.

From: Edward
Subject: Bamburgh Beach in England.

Hi beachwizard..

I found the link to your great site in one our newspapers here in England...you run a great site - what a great idea for all beachlovers the world over..

My favourite beach in the world is right here in England - it's at a place called Bamburgh, in the county of Northumbria - look at a map of England, it's on the top right-hand side, just below Scotland - to get there I have to drive 200 + miles from my home in Manchester, but it's worth every minute of the drive..

..the skyline's dominated by Bamburgh Castle, dating back 1300 years, the beach is white "squeaky" sand, backed by sand dunes ranging in height from 6 feet to 60 feet - and, this being England, most times the weather's not too good - but that just adds to the dramatic picture that this favourite beach of mine creates..

The water's cold, cold, cold - the sea is the North Sea - next stop Norway & Sweden - but, the whole area's a haven for wildlife - bird colonies & gray seal communities living on the nearby islands..
And, if u like surfing, this beach is the business - it doesn't work that often, but when it does -
* WOW *

It's pretty unpopulated - that's about as crowded as it gets - I've been there on a Saturday in the middle of July and counted about 20 people - all on a beach that stretches for 4 miles !

Hope you liked my story about Bamburgh beach -If u want to know more, let me know...

Keep up the good work - life's a beach...

On the Beach replies:

Thanks for the info . We'll share it Margarita Ville.

From : Jule
Subject: Re: Tulum

Hola, Just returned yesterday from the Tulum area. We had reservations at ZAMAS and stayed there 3 nites. Then We went up and the road looking for new digs ,mainly because we wanted a nicer /more kid friendly beach.We ended up at TITA TULUM. 5 of us (incl.my husband & I ,my mom and 2 kids) stayed in 1 room there right on the beach for $50. U.S. / nite. Ditmar, who runs the place didn't care how many of us there were in one room- even though there were only 2 double beds. My husband planned on sleepingon the porch in a hammmock, but gave up 1/2 way thru the night and squeezed in with me and our young son.The hammocks there are nylon and small- not good enough for sleeping . After that we put my son on a lounge chair at night blankets underneath for padding. Anyway, the beach there is wide ,gorgeous ,mild surf and almost deserted.WE LOVED IT

On the Beach replies: Thanks for the note on your trip to the Tulum area. We'll share it with the readers of our magazine in Margarita Ville.

The next time you go to the Yucatan, consider staying at our friend's house in Celestun. A week is just $300.

From: Gari & Louise
Subject: Beaches of Australia

Dear fellow beach lovers ..

Australians are amongst the greatest race of beach people in the world... after all we have 14,000 miles of coastline and beaches that run unbroken places for over 100 miles.

The greatest concentration of beaches and resorts are on the east coastland perhaps the better known and utilized are

From Sydney in NSW to the Sunshine Coast (north of Brisbane) in South East Queensland.

Australians are generally pretty easy going and togs (swimming costumes)are usually very brief (topless is OK on most beaches) and there are many nude beaches.

One of the most popular areas is Noosa (which is Australia's most desirable holiday destination) on the Sunshine Coast 150 km north of Brisbane. The accommodations here are mostly condo's but there are a couple of Hotels(4 and 5 star).  The standard of Australian Condos is really good.

Noosa has several beach areas including the world famous nude beach at Alexandria Bay.  A-bay as the locals call it is in the Noosa National Park .. you can see much of the local fauna in the wild here including Koala's.
Have a look a what Noosa has to offer by starting HERE. Anyone wanting further info can email us.  Have to go now .... the beach is calling.

From: Claire

Subject: Re: Barbuda - The best beaches in the Caribbean

I would like to know if anyone has previously written about or even visited Barbuda, the sister island of Antigua. It has the most deserted, naturally beautiful and spectacularly long beaches in the Eastern Caribbean. Many people who have visited the Caribbean islands and who have traveled to other beaches in the world say that none compare to the beaches here. It is still relatively undiscovered and has only three hotels, two of which are as spectacularly expensive as the beach they are on.
The rest of the island is as natural as the day it was made, lots of different kinds of water, the rough Atlantic side and the calm Caribbean sea. It is great for children, lots of rock pools to explore and perfect for couples who want to be the only ones on the beach, but there is very little shade and no facilities at all so if you like cold drinks or deck chairs you have to bring your own. I could write a more detailed account of the island if it is of interest, as I live here in Barbuda, in the meantime I await your reply. E-mail Claire Frank if you've been to Barbuda or have questions for him.

On the Beach replies :We'd love to have more from you on Barbuda. Tell us about a perfect day there for you, how did you come to live there, and are there any nude beaches?

Costa Rica

Subject: health in costa rica

Thanks so much for your response to my query re: taking malaria prevention medication. The consensus (except for the paranoid CDC) is to forget it (I'm not going to Puerto Viejo or Limon) so I'm not going to take it. My 12-year-old daughter and I are going to the Osa Peninsula and since you're a beach expert, if you traveled there do you have any recommendations on safe swimming beaches (I've heard there are some treacherous undertows in spots)? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. We're also going to Mondeverde and taking a day boat trip from Puntarenas to Tortuga Island, if you have experiences there. Thanks again.

P.S. what beach do you live near?

On the Beach replies:

Donna, our whole trip was one incredible adventure. But, if we had to pick one spot that was absolutely incredible, it was the Osa Peninsula. We stayed at the Corcovado Tent Lodge. It's about a mile north of Carate. The surf was awesome. It was running to 8 feet day in and day out. So, we stuck to the shallow water. Check with the locals when you get there.

By the way, one thing we didn't do, and wish we'd would've have done, was take a kayak tour on the Golfo Dulce. You can get the latest on tour availablity in Puerto Jimenez.

We did go to Monteverde. Actually, it was Santa Eleana and the Santa Eleana Reserve. On the bus to Monteverde a local woman told us that the Santa Eleana Cloud Forest was much more beautiful than the Monteverde Reserve. We took her word and were glad we did. People who had been to both reserves said that Santa Eleana was much more interesting and less touristy. The cool air was a refreshing change from the Caribbean. It was dark when we arrived and the wind was howling. Blankets were needed to stay warm.

We couldn't fit in Tortuga Island even though we were in Costa Rica 27 days. There's so much to see that we had to leave some areas out in order to have quality time in other places.

From: Tab
Subject: Re: Golfito - Costa Rica

I'm going to be traveling to Golfito. Are there any swimming beaches in
the town?

On the Beach replies:

Golfito is our favorite Costa Rican town. The swimming beach is Playa Cacao. It's across the bay from the twon center. The easiest way to get there is to take a water taxi. All the locals go there for swimming.

We stayed at Las Palmas on Playa Cacao. They had a small dugout canoe that their guests could use. We paddled it out of the bay and then a few hundred yards north to a wonderful beach. We had it all to ourselves. I'm guessing that it was maybe a 15 minute paddle.

Let us know how you like it. Also, how did you hear about Golfito? Not many people have heard about it.

From: "Christina
Subject: Re: recipes.
Hey guys!!
I have to do a Spanish project on Costa Rica and I have to bring a native dish. Do you have any recipes I can make for my class? Or know a website where I can get some good ones? I've been to Costa Rica and my dad owns land and teak trees there but we don't have any recipes.

On the Beach replies: The classic dish is, of course, beans and rice. I forget the name. Have you been to our web site on Costa Rica? Some of the people we list there live in Costa Rica. Try e-mailing some of them. Costa Rica Info

From: Christina
Subject: Re: thanks

Hi! It's Christina again. I just wanted to let you know that I went back to your site and e-mailed a few people for those recipes, which led me to another site where I e-mailed even more people. I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to write back and provide helpful information!

On the Beach replies:

Thanks, Christina. How about sharing a recipe or two with us? We'll put them in our magazine.

The Woody Question
From: Bart
Re: question
I'm a Hungarian boy and I don't know English very well.

My question: What does 'Woody' mean? This word is in many song of The Beach Boys (for example: 'We're loading up our Woody / With the boards inside')

I haven't found this word in the dictionary. I'd like if you help me and explain me what does 'Woody' mean.

On the Beach replies:Great question! I'm happy to have the answer for you. A woody is a station wagon with the rear exterior done in wood. I can't remember which company made the station wagons. Anyway it became the popular car for surfers. Do you know what I mean by "station wagon?'

Publisher - BeachWizard pat@beachesbeaches.com