Black's Nude Beach

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"Budda Bing"
A poem about my day at world famous
Black's Nude Beach

She wanted to do something wild I'll admit
With conservative me, in the buff near a cliff?
So off on this expedition of a dare we two went
To begin an adventure 1 mile steep this descent.

Not informed about sides of craggy mountain bluffs
Rugged shoes were not tied to our soles in this rough
Bare feet are not meant for slippery with no crevices
Nor sarongs tied loosely for propriety from nebbishes.

Grabbing on to sparse weeds we slowly climbed down
Shortly finding ourselves rooted deeply in silty sand mounds
Slipping and sliding were me and my friend
Muttering all the way breathless, not to do this again.

The bottom drew near…hooray, terra firma
With glistening sweat and pink cheeks surely to burn
The blanket thrown down, we finally collapsed
Disrobing, then plunking on our unfolded mat.

Like a couple of pros quickly taking it off
It's as nature intended out here by these rocks
We thought we were hidden from invaders around
'Til a masculine voice appeared near our ground.

I'm here to assist you two nice chicky babes
You can never be too careful here under the shade
John Wayne first perceived, our protector in flab
More like Dr. Jekyll lurking about in his lab.

The scene soon unraveled as we lay back still farther
Astonished, agasped at the glimpse of the jogger
Baseball cap, tennis shoes and a perilous flagpole
Like a flag up and down on the eighteenth hole.

Tears streaming down our face at this preposterous sight
We bit our lips to stop laughing, on Black's Beach it's not right
The hilarity of the sight too much to disguise
The gaiety of this episode held quietly inside

. Free - Naturist Dating.

Uh oh…here's Berkeley in long curly hair To his waist,
locks so long tied up with some flair Pardon me,
his oafish murmur…I know I shouldn't talk
You're naked and all, as he gawked and he gawked.

The laugh building up I thought I'd explode
Asking where a good bar was,
this guy was a toad Comedian am I,
I responded in jest Up the hill, way up high is a keg you can quench.

At last, left in peace, we laid and sunned
Budda bing…budda bang…he's resting beside the stone
Looking like the thinker to protect his manliness
Did he think he'd go unnoticed, or was this a test.

I left her alone to share in his gabbing
And reveled in surf against my naked body
The day growing darker he gathered his clothes
Went to leave, then came back and asked for my phone.

Our day quite complete we attired again
Grabbed our stuff on our backs to the mountain ascend
At the top we looked down at this feat we performed
So sore and worn out, but a memorable turn .

Budda Bing called me later…said he had a good time
Could he call me again, I should call back at 9 I don't think I will,
'cause this guy could be trouble
Budda Bing's way too young, and I might know his mother.

The beach was a blast, an experience remembered
But I'm paying the price for this journey I'd entered
My nipples are sore, my butt a disaster
Mother Nature is great, but I'll clothe next time faster