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                  Wedding by the Waves
             Malibu in Southern California

                                     Jennifer Grant

Choosing the perfect place to get married can be a tough decision, especially if you’ve always had daydreams about your perfect wedding. However, there is an ideal and beautiful option that is perfect for any size or theme of wedding; a beachfront wedding. To have the perfect beachfront wedding you’ll need to choose somewhere that has nice weather with beautiful surroundings and enough space for all the guests you plan to invite. An ideal location may be Southern California on a stunning white-sand beach with amazing views, and a completely private area to tie the knot with your loved one.

The Perfect Venue

There are a lot of choices when it comes to beaches within the Southern California area; however the Malibu West Beach Club boasts a wonderful private beach that is ideal as a wedding venue. The beach itself has a 180-degree panorama view of the Pacific and the Malibu coastline; nestled between Broad Beach and Zuma State Beach, the venue has 200 yards of pure white sand leading from the clubhouse to the waves lapping up the shoreline. On a clear day this beach can offer views as far out as Catalina Island, as well as the opportunity to see dolphins leaping in and out of the ocean during the day, not to mention the chance of seeing migratory whales during the winter months!

California beach weddin

Preparing for the Ceremony

Most of the wedding planning will not involve the venue; however a certain amount of the planning will be based on the venue size, and their safety policies for guests and the bride and groom. Firstly, the Malibu West Beach Club has space for both an outdoor or indoor ceremony which will be available in the case of terrible weather. For the wedding ceremony there can be 200 people seated indoors, or 180 outside, with a wedding reception having space for the same numbers seated or 250 people standing inside and 200 people standing outside.

For this type of ceremony it is essential that the bride and groom purchase a public liability insurance wedding plan or policy to ensure they are completely covered for any issues or problems that may arise. This policy can cover a number of things including the rings, venue, the gifts and the wedding cake. Insurance should cover any problems prior to or on the actual day, and the correct coverage should completely cover the cost of any issues that need to be addressed. If your wedding at this venue is an abroad wedding, if for example you have travelled from Britain to Southern California, ensure your insurance is prepared to still give you the full coverage that you are looking for, even if the marriage is in a foreign country rather than the country the insurance was purchased in; you do not want to pay for insurance that is then of no use to you.

Malibu beach wedding

The Ideal Ceremony

To most people the ideal moment to be married and have their wedding pictures taken is at sunset, and at the Malibu West Beach Club the belief is no different. Most couples say their vows just before sunset under a beautiful flower-covered arch known as a chuppah; then they move down towards the sea for pictures as the sun sets, giving amazing views of the coastline and the islands off in the far distance. There is a deck that the seated guests can watch the ceremony from which can continually be used throughout the rest of the wedding celebrations, as well as the inside of the club house where dinner will be served, shortly followed by dancing or the opportunity to sit with champagne which can be sipped whilst taking in the stunning view out onto the ocean. Also on offer here is a bride’s room where the bride and groom can go for some moments of peace before the festivities begin, or it can be turned into a room for the kids once the reception has begun. This venue really has it all when it comes to the perfect setting for the perfect wedding.

A wedding is a special day for everyone involved, especially for the bride and groom, so ensuring you have your wedding in a beautiful, memorable location that will create perfect pictures and amazing memories is essential; it will truly allow your wedding day to be the wedding of your dreams. Malibu West Beach Club can offer everything you can imagine for the ideal wedding, making it exactly what you’ve always wanted.


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