Take a Luxury Cruise
Along the California Coast

Cruises along the California coastline
will usually be luxury affairs.

Jennifer Grant

Going on a cruise can be a thoroughly exciting experience, whether it is your first or fiftieth cruise.
It’s a relaxing experience, allowing you to see a beautiful coastline as well as having on-shore trips
to the places you want to see most; and what better place to cruise to than California! With its
luscious beaches and stunning scenery, as well as the extensive range of on-shore excursion options
it has more than enough to keep everyone occupied, and it doesn’t spend too long in one place, so
it gives the opportunity to view a number of places within your vacation period – ensuring the kids
don’t get bored!

cruise California

The On-Board Experience

Cruises along the California coastline will usually be rather luxury affairs, offering any-time
dining and drinks to allow passengers the chance to relax and enjoy their vacation time
however they desire to do so. Often there will be multiple choices of where food can be
chosen from, with a main dining area and some smaller areas for people looking for a
specific type of food. There are numerous places on all cruise ships to get drinks from,
allowing anyone on vacation on the cruise ship to grab a drink whenever they are thirsty.
Many of these drinks stations will be tended to 24 hours a day, with some offering wines
and alcoholic beverages, often with wine experts on-board should you be looking for a specific
wine tasting experience, or have special preferences over your wine. There are even food
and wine themed cruises in this area that allow you to experience wines local to the area,
and have them explained to you in detail over gourmet food; the ultimate in a luxury
vacation for anyone interested in food and wine.

The entertainment on these cruise ships is also of a luxury standard, offering many different
activities available directly on the ship, inclusive of swimming and often wave riding machines
or similar, meaning swimming in the sun can be done on-board on the way to a destination.
There will also usually be a cinema style area where the latest movies can be watched from
the cruise ship, with drinks and snacks offered nearby. Another excellent feature on these
kinds of cruise ships is the abundance of kids’ activities that are setup by a dedicated section
of the crew on the ship. Often these activities will run throughout the day, allowing parents to
have their own relaxation time away from their children, whilst allowing their children to make
new friends and enjoy their vacation time as well. Cruises usually offer something for everyone,
allowing them to be the ideal vacation for most families, offering both relaxation and opportunities
for some fun.

The On-Shore Opportunities

California has many options for excursions open to people visiting on a cruise, most of which
can be booked prior to arriving at the destination, either on-board the cruise ship or alternatively
when booking the cruise if there is something specific you do not want to miss out on. There
are beaches galore here, so if you are searching for a day to relax and soak up the sun, you’ll
find you have endless options the moment you step off the ship.

California cruise

Most cruises will stop at San Francisco which offers an abundance of excursions for an
amazing day of exploration and adventure. One of the most popular excursion choices
here is a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge. This makes an excellent day out and can be
finished with a touch of shopping in the many famous stores that line the streets on the
way back towards the cruise ship. There is also the option to visit an area like Fisherman's
Wharf. On offer here is not only a chance to view history at the numerous historical sites
here, including the vintage sea craft from World War II and a historical maritime park, but
also the opportunity to visit the local Wax Museum, and buy some souvenirs from the
abundance of souvenir shops in the area. Another amazing way to view this area is by
taking the cable cars that are situated throughout the city, offering amazing aerial
views of the location.

California cruises have a lot to offer; with many amenities available on the ship
allowing almost anyone to find something they enjoy doing, to the exciting excursions
that are available upon disembarking the ship at its various ports of call. This could be a
luxury vacation for the whole family; one that will not be forgotten and will create many
memories for years to come.

Publisher - Beach Wizard