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How to Have a
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How to have a Beach Wedding in Southern California. Phones numbers for getting information for beach weddings in Malibu, and the counties of L.A., Orange, San Diego,and Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Scroll down. Get the info you need.

See why Apolo Ohno,
champion speed skater,
loves this beach resort.

In the years that we have been publishing On the Beach, we have had numerous requests for information on how to have a beach wedding. In this report, we tell you about some of the most popular beaches for weddings and how you go about getting a permit. Yes, in just about every case, you will need a permit, and often you have to get the permit up to a year in advance. The good news, though, is that the permits are relatively inexpensive.

Before we share our information with you, let me tell you about a beach wedding that we attended.

Our neighbors Mike and Donna chose to get married on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla, California. When you have a beach wedding you have to expect and be prepared for wind, blowing sand, hot sun, and, even in California, rain. Mike and Donna were prepared, as were the 50 or so guests, but Mother Nature was kind. There was no wind, no rain, and even the sun wasn't too hot or too bright. The marriage ceremony took place with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. We sat in chairs on the lawn on the bluff. Even though La Jolla is a popular place on a beautiful summer sunny day, the nature of this tiny city owned pocket park is that you're not distracted by the people strolling by on the sidewalk. This is partly because the park sits about six feet below the level of the sidewalk. It was this liitle bluff behind us that did pose a problem.

Sitting 20 feet behind us was the table holding the tiered wedding cake. The small bluff behind the table was the home for several ground squirrels. Just as the wedding ceremony came to an end, we heard a crash behind us. All of the guests turned their eyes towards the table. The cake was on the ground, laying on its side, a squirrel was right in the middle of the side of the cake. Frosting covered his face. My wife jumped up and chased him away. Several other people helped her pick up the cake and get it back on the table.

I told you that Mike and Donna were prepared, and they handled this situation with a laugh. When the rest of us saw that there was no panic on the part of the bride and groom, we joined in with the laughter.

It was a wedding that we will all remember fondly. And what did it cost to reserve the park for the afternoon? The cost was $34.50.

We've put together the following information to help you get started on setting up a beach wedding. Keep in mind that things change. Rather than quote you specific rates and rules, we're keeping to just giving you some phone numbers and links for the most popular beaches for weddings in Southern California.


Two spectacular places to hold a wedding are at the historic Adamson House right on Malibu Beach. Wedding Site Rental 310-457-8185.You can read a brief piece about it and see several pictures by clicking on this link:
Adamson House - Weddings On the Beach

And the Malibu West Beach Club.

Weddings - State Beaches

Most of the California State Beaches allow weddings. Here are some contact phone numbers for the state beaches:

L.A. County (310) 457-8185
Ventura and Santa Barbara - (805) 648-4059
Orange County - (949) 492-0802
San Diego - (619) 688-3260

Weddings - Los Angeles County Beaches

Beaches operated by L.A. County - (310) 574-6756.
For general information visit their web site:
L.A. County Beaches.
Permit information for L.A. County Beaches:
Group Activity Permits

Weddings - Orange County Beaches

Beaches operated by Orange County

Newport Beach - call community services at (949) 644-3151

Laguna Beach - (949) 497-0716

Huntington Beach - (714) 536-5281



Weddings - San Diego Beaches

San Diego Parks and Recreation

Weddings - Cities of Oxnard,Ventura and Santa Barbara

Oxnard - (800) 422-6322

Ventura - (805) 654-7771

Santa Barbara - (805) 564-5309

Author - Beach Wizard