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Beach Hotels brings you this guide to Costa Rica. No where else can you get our first hand account of our month of adventure in Costa Rica. It's free. Just send us an e-mail with Costa Rica in the subject line and we'll e-mail you our story. Or, you download a PDF file by clicking on Costa Rica. On this page you'll get links to everything you can imagine to ask about Costa Rica.


Favorite Books on Costa Rica :
Resorts that offer discounts to readers of "On the Beach." Be sure you tell them hat you found them in "on The Beach."
  • New Key to Costa Rica - This is the guide book we used for our month in Costa Rica. For great detail on places to stay and how to get there, this book can't be beat.
  • Explore Costa Rica- Had this book been available at the time, we would have carried it also. It is an excellent natural history guide to Costa Rica. You'll also find lodging information but in less detail than in the New Key.
Other resources to help you learn all about this wonderful country and its terrific people :


Other People's Accounts of Their Journeys to Costa Rica :
Lodging :
Tour operators :
Adult Oriented Costa Rica Sites (must be over 21) :
Language Schools :
Culture :
Maps, History, Geography, Parks and the Like :
Surfing :
Medicine and Medical Assistance :
Newspapers and Magazines :
Retirement :
Real Estate :
Non-profit Foundations :
If you haven't found it yet you might find it here. :

Got a story or a question about Costa Rica? We want to hear from you. Drop us a note.

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