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Trinidad and Tobago is a twin-island nation. The combined size of both islands is just slightly larger than the US state of Rhode Island, but smaller than Delaware. The island of Tobago is the same size as the city of Little Rock, Arkansas. (So obviously Trinidad is very much the larger of the two.) Trinidad lies 7 miles off the northeast coast of South America (Venezuela) and Tobago is 20 miles east of Trinidad.

My daughter and I spent three days on Tobago. This was a belated present for her 19th birthday. We flew from Miami to Trinidad and then used Caribbean Airlines to fly to Barbados and then Tobago. Of the three islands Tobago is by far the best. It is the least developed, least densely populated and has the nicest beaches. In fact, Tobago's Englishman's Bay is consistently rated as the second best beach in the entire world by a long list of sources.

Devon, who works at Radical Sports and helped us with our stand-up paddle boarding lessons agreed with our assessment of Tobago. He said,“The worst beach in Tobago is better than the best beach in Trinidad.” He takes great pride in his home island.

During our stay, we toured the entirety of the island and it seemed as though Devon’s pride wasn’t just idle boasting. Every beach we saw was as beautiful and inviting as the people who inhabit this twin island nation.

Some of the beaches were impossibly gorgeous. As though we were looking at some photo of a beach that had been airbrushed for a magazine.

Pigeon Point, by far the most popular of Tobago’s beaches, was one of these. Lined with palm trees, surrounded by colorful Caribbean houses, and blessed with gently lapping crystal clear turquoise waters, Pigeon Point looks like it came straight from the set of a Hollywood movie.

Tobago beach

What the Tobagonians called crowded made my daughter and I laugh. By American standards, Pigeon Point was deserted.

By law, ALL the beaches in Tobago are government property. That means they are all open and free to the public. (Only access to the sand and water is free. Some facilities and amenities, including parking, may be provided by commercial concerns who may charge a fee for their use.)

Tobago’s beaches can be divided roughly into two broad categories: those on the eastern, or Atlantic, coast have cooler water and waves. None of the waves we saw were particularly large but during some parts of the year they can reportedly get quite high; definitely high enough to surf.

On the western, or Caribbean, coast of the island the water is warmer and typically extremely gentle. You could set your baby down in the water without fear of him being swallowed by an incoming wave.

Bacolet Beach Club, the small boutique resort where we stayed in Tobago, overlooks a picturesque beach on the Atlantic coast.

If you’ve never stayed in a truly nice luxury hotel, the Bacolet Beach Club will spoil you. You may never look at four walls and a bed at one of those big chains the same way again.

Upon our arrival, every possible surface in our room was covered with fresh flowers. Not haphazardly sprinkled about, these flowers were carefully arranged to form patterns. Even the colors of the flowers were hand selected to accent one another and the features of the room.

Tobago Beach hotel

Every single room in this stylish 20 room hotel has a balcony with an ocean view.

And oh, what a view!

The door to our aforementioned ocean view balcony was no door at all; it was a sliding glass wall. The entire wall could be opened so that nothing separated us from the ocean even while inside our room.

Caribbean beach hotel

Our room itself was not huge but it was comfortable and very tastefully decorated. Marble tiled floors made the room both elegant and extremely easy for hotel staff to clean. The center of the room was dominated by a king-sized, four poster, canopy bed.

Sitting between our room and the soothing sounds of crashing ocean waves was a 24 hour swimming pool. Along the ocean edge of the pool there was no rim so that, from the water, it appeared that the pool and the ocean were one.

Midway down the private flight of stairs which led to the ocean, was a tiki "beach bar" which made the best fruit smoothies you’ve ever had plus just about any drink you could imagine, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. (The bar is only open 9am-5pm.)

The mattress on my bed was firm and dressed with six pillows and high thread count sheets. The room's 12-foot high ceilings soared above the high canopy, making the whole room feel light and airy despite the giant bed.

If I have one complaint about this little gem of a hotel, it is with the small refrigerator in each room that serves as the room’s mini bar. The bar in my room was very well stocked but many of the choices simply did not make sense.

Rum from Guyana when Trinidad and Tobago is a rum producing country? Having never heard of Guyanese rum, I was curious to try it but not so curious that I was willing to pay US$6.00 for a small bottle just to find out if it was any good.

The mini bar also had cheap American chocolate even though Trinidad and Tobago grows some of the finest cocoa in the world. And they stocked plantain chips from Jamaica despite locally grown plantains being so plentiful that we saw them rotting on the ground in some areas.

A hotel as nice as the Bacolet Beach Club should be a shining example of the best that Trinidad and Tobago has to offer; the best rum, the best chocolate, the best fresh fruit and the best snacks.

Having said all that, if you go to Tobago, I recommend staying at Bacolet Beach Club. Just don’t eat or drink anything from your room’s mini bar.

And say hello to Devon when you go to Pigeon Point.

Pirate Bay Tobago

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