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Laguna Riviera
Laguna Beach hotel on the beach
Laguna Beach
Hotel On the Beach

Sea Horse
San Clemente

Southern California Beach Hotel
The Best Beach Deal
Southern California
Beach Resort

Monterey beach hotel
Monterey Bay
Oceanfront Beach Resort

Pacific Terrace Inn
San Diego beach hotel
San Diego
Beach Hotel
Casa Malibu
Malibu beach inn
Beach Hotel
Sea Otter Inn
Cambria beach inn
Pet Friendly Hotel
Blue Sea Lodge
San Diego oceanfront inn
San Diego
Oceanfront Inn
Malibu Beach Inn
Malibu beach

Beach House
Hermosa beach hotel
Hermosa Beach
Hotel On the Beach

Embassy Suites
Mandalay Beach

Southern California beach hotel
Ventura Beach Hotel 

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On the entire coastline of the west coast of the United States there are
only a couple hundred real oceanfront beach hotels. We have driven the
entire coastline of California, Oregon, and Washington looking for hotels
on the beach, not blocks away. We're confident that our database of
California beach hotels, Oregon beach hotels, and Washington beach hotels
has 99% of all the oceanfront beach resorts and beach hotels on the coast.


Author - Beach Wizard